Zz ward dating

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I played music at the most random places you could ever imagine. For me, I love hip hop rhythms and beats and I love the swag of rap. As Ward warned, "The road can make or break you. Ward herself eventually shared the particular hardships that women artists face. With a clear vision for her music, Ward actively shaped her first album as an introduction to who she is as an artist. In a recent phone interview, Ward told me that these singers inspired her because "they were doing something with passion, and not doing what was expected of them.

Zz ward dating

It was an awesome performance. Well before she was ever signed, Ward booked her own tour. Do you find yourself yearning for the country or are you happy in LA? As Ward warned, "The road can make or break you. Ward's appreciation for the female singers who came before her gave her the necessary strength to book her own tour and craft her music in the way that she wanted. Then I would play in a local blues band in Oregon and I would also drive up to Eugene, OR, an hour and a half north, and to play hip-hop shows. I think that good songs come out of bad choices and good choices, but for me on this record it was a lot of bad choices. And it took a while for my grandma to really confirm it. How old were you when your manager asked you about your name? It can also be how I look at a person who has different sides to them. Her second album, on the other hand, is her chance to truly explore the music and the emotions that influenced it. I played music at the most random places you could ever imagine. I really love LA. I did everything I could do in Oregon and I really wanted to make it in music, so four years ago I moved down to LA, and then things started to happen! Ward may generously have advice for all artists, but her respect for "powerful female vocalists" honors the history that female artists like herself have had to deal with. Ward doesn't hold back; she lets her life influence her music, and she wants all artists to learn from the risk-takers who came before her. As she told me yet again about the female artists that inspired her, she couldn't help but murmur, "I can't imagine what they had to go through. One of my favorite parts about it is that I get to see other musicians play. But festivals in general are super fun. The musicians in my band love playing live, too. Ward herself eventually shared the particular hardships that women artists face. Believe me when I say Ward has not let this motivation go to waste. She used to have to wear the Star of David on her clothes and all of her family went to Auschwitz. I always think that as an artist you should be making music that you like to listen to. She loves it and the band loves having her on the road.

Zz ward dating

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