Www zenhabits net

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Automate as much as possible, outsource the rest, eliminate yourself as the bottleneck, and let others do things that you've been doing. It reduces stress, makes you more effective and productive, makes you happier, and eliminates clutter of all types. What is the most important think you have learned? And start taking steps and making plans to eventually go out on your own, as a freelancer or consultant or entrepreneur. Identify the essential, and focus on that completely.

Www zenhabits net

I think this is very common, and you need to be able to overcome the fear of doing something new, prepare yourself, try new things, and be willing to take the plunge. Do research, practice, learn, plan, test, and adjust. The successes have been entirely about the readers: However, you have to be realistic: Getting stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over again, even though you don't like it, just because that's what you've been doing. It's good as a training ground, but not as a career. Who has inspired you? If you mean my blogging career as opposed to my writing career, which actually started since high school , I don't think anything I could have known at the beginning could have helped me do better. Because then you'll have control over your life, and the opportunity to make money and be creative for yourself, not others. Don't be afraid to break out from the mould. Then I got a few initial readers, and decided to keep doing it, and then I got some more and they were all so encouraging and enthusiastic about the things I was writing that I put even more energy into it. I'm inspired daily by my readers. What information do you wish you had when you were first starting out on your career? Failures have been many, but small I'm inspired by my wife and my kids, daily. I think something I've taken away from all these people is the power of staying positive, and how that can change your life. Still useful, but not as important. Don't listen to the naysayers - instead, surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who aren't afraid to be honest, but in a constructive way. But other times, when you're more independent, a mentor isn't as important. It's also important to keep your eye out for opportunities, and jump at them when you get the chance. It's still a learning process and I hope it will always be. I'm inspired by dozens of great bloggers who write incredibly well and have encouraged me from the beginning. What are the pitfalls that individuals should be on the lookout for, during their career? I would like to turn to your blog. Tweet Leo, you own and manage one of the most read blogs on the internet, www. I wouldn't trade this learning process for anything. What have I learned from them?

Www zenhabits net

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