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With unit testing enabled, this produces a Gamma snapshot that includes information on test execution and test coverage as well. What is Continuous Delivery? Each developer works on a dedicated feature branch that usually refers to one specific task on Jira. Indians flock to mobile social network, myGamma By , agencyfaqs! It has already done a co-promotion with Vodafone and has developed a mobile application for Idea Cellular. Those fixes will eventually be merged back into the development branch. In this post I want to give a short introduction of how we are using Gamma internally at Acellere to boost up our development process, and what processes and tools we are using in conjunction with it to ensure high quality.

Www mygamma com

One of the current mega-trends in the IT industry is continuous software delivery and its pre-step continuous integration. All changes from the last release are reviewed through Gamma, the quality and architecture impact are assessed, and only when no concerns are remaining on any of the Gamma KPIs the software will be given to release testing. So please get in contact with us! Once a feature is completely developed, pull requests are used to merge it into the development branch. This ensures that each commit fulfills basic quality standards. After this, automated Jenkins builds are triggered for integration and deployment. With this model we lose almost no time for deployment and it is always transparent what state of the software the testing is done on. Release branches are deployed directly onto our staging environment on AWS to enable testing in an environment with the same configuration as our production environment. Once a feature is fully developed and ready for testing, a GitHub pull request is created with multiple reviewers. Effective Testing At Acellere, we try to minimize manual testing effort as much as possible. Each developer works on a dedicated feature branch that usually refers to one specific task on Jira. We keep expanding our list with every release, and we are always happy for recommendations in case we missed out an important tool. According to a survey done by the company, myGamma has more than 5,74, members from India - much higher than from Malaysia 3,45, members and China 2,97, members. To speed up the manual code reviews, everybody has access to our internal Gamma instance and can utilize it for the review. This is why we heavily rely on automated Unit Tests either through JUnit or google test for all our projects. If during the manual testing no issues are identified or all identified issues are dealt with, the release candidate will be deployed on our staging environment that mirrors our production environment. If an issue is found during the review process, it will directly be created from Gamma into our Jira projects. When it is time to create a new release, release branches are created that will be used for testing and bug fixing for that specific release. Two things always have to be ensured: The survey shows that 35 per cent of myGamma members have made a purchase on the network in the form of games, ringtones, wallpapers and virtual gifts. This branching model goes hand in hand with the pull request model from GitHub, and really helps to keep the repositories well-structured and maintainable. This help to streamline the whole process and enables a very efficient overall release process. He adds that most of them are in the age group of years and, while a larger number are from big cities, there's a fair sampling from the smaller towns as well. A final round of testing is done with the whole team including developers, product managers and designers, and only if this goes without any issues we will release a new version into production. The Kodak campaign, for instance, involved a survey, click-to-call facility and store locators.

Www mygamma com

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