Weed sexting

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Label the clone and the mother plant so you know what cutting came from the matching mother plant. Male plants grown outdoors will exhibit different growth signs than their female counterparts, and this can be a good way to identify males and females. Female pistils are white and wispy, never green. The plant is the same sex as the little flower showing. At this stage your plant is just about to enter the flowering phase of growth and now is the time to remove the males if you wish to. Because sexing clones depends on this light cycle, it cannot be done with auto-flowering plants.

Weed sexting

Female pre-flowers will also form at the junction of branches and stem and will normally start to form at the fourth or fifth branches up from the base. Once you have determined the gender of the cuttings, you should get rid of any males. This sudden growth, near the end of the vegetative stage, is the best way to determine the sex of marijuana plants before they actually flower. Male plants are often not as filled out, with fewer branches and fewer leaves on them. However, if you take a clone after week 3, the genders of clones will always match each other. It also takes ten days to switch back to vegetative growth. Place cutting in a cup of water or in a planting mix under a flowering light schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off for at least 10 days. The vigorous vegetative growth will slow, stems will elongate and flower formation will begin rapidly at first before slowing. After planting marijuana seeds and letting the plants vegetate for a while, the next step is to determine the sex of the plants also known as sexing. Make sure to look around in different places, especially near the top of the plant and closer to the lights Note: The small female flower is called a calyx: This is because the pollen from males is known to be undaunted in its quest to fertilize female plants, going so far as to travel through ventilation systems and traveling fairly long distances in order to do it. Male flowers form at the junctions of the branches and stem and the pollen sacs form little balls. The vegetative stage is the first stage of growth for marijuana plants. Instead of forcing the whole plant to flower a simpler way is to take cutting of the plants you want to determine sex. If you look closely you will see the seed pods and these will swell; either with seeds if your plant has been pollinated or with THC as false pods if you have removed the males. When growers are looking for beautiful, potent buds, male and female plants simply cannot be grown near each other, so they need to be identified as early as possible. Posted on 3rd February , in. It is best to determine the sex as early as possible. The reason for sexing your plants is so that you can remove male plants before they have a chance to pollinate the females. Male pre-flowers are basically immature pollen sacs. Of course, it does no good to simply clone plants and have them grow at the same rate, as they will show signs of their sex at the same time, or even a bit later, than the original plants. Of course, male plants should never be used to deter pests, mould and other nuisances from female plants, as they would be too close to them, but they can be used effectively with other crops. Careful observation of flowering is the only true way to sex your plants, although you may get a clue from their growth patterns. Pollinated female flowers will spend all their energy making seeds instead of buds. Notice how tiny it is compared to the giant-sized thumb! Follow the packet instructions for fruiting or flowering plants.

Weed sexting

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