Unfaithful friend

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King, and yet Friend; Friend, and yet King. The claims of each relation to us strengthen those of the other. Arising from the words, "thy Friend. Amir was very ashamed of himself and promised never to steal anything again. So one day Farhan decided to test him.

Unfaithful friend

Arising from the words, "thy Friend. They sometimes thus render good service to Christians. Conduct to which the words are applicable. The relation of sovereign and subject is, in the best Christians, more and more lost in, though not destroyed by, that of friend and friend. You were supposed to go to Lahore in the morning? Promise me you will never do such a thing again. From what quarter the remonstrance might come. The words might well have been addressed to Peter when denying his Lord and Friend - were virtually addressed to him when "the Lord turned and looked" upon him Luke A timely reproach, reaching the heart, might prevent more terrible words at the day of judgment Matthew The remonstrance of Absalom is suitable to be addressed to any who are acting in a manner contrary to the duties of friendship. He fills this position towards them: Bad men may and often do see and reprove in others the baseness they are themselves practising, and thus unconsciously condemn themselves. Hearing this, Amir started thinking and planning. The house would be empty and he could get in through a small window, that was never locked, at the back of the house. A few times Farhan had seen Amir picking up a toy and looking around as if he wanted to take the toy without being seen. As one and another instance of unfaithfulness or unkindness occurs, the question might well be put to those guilty of them, "Is this thy kindness to thy friend? And if to the obligations of friendship are to be added those of some other relationship, as here that of subject and servant of a sovereign, the guilt of unfaithfulness is increased, and remonstrance may well be more severe. Absalom reproves his father's friend Hushai for supposed unkindness and unfaithfulness to him, while he himself, not merely a friend, but a fondly loved son, was usurping his father's throne, and ready to take away his life see 2 Samuel Whether the deception he practised on Absalom was justifiable is another, question, depending for its solution on the answer to be given to the larger question whether and how far belligerents are bound by the ordinary laws of truth and righteousness. Nevertheless, the sentiment which underlies his remonstrance is just, and Hushai would have deserved severe rebuke if he had really been guilty of the conduct he was charged with. And they on their part take the position of friends to him: King, and yet Friend; Friend, and yet King. It would be well if they could ever be heard by us whenever, from fear of man, we are silent when we ought to speak for Christ, inactive when we should act for him. The claims of each relation to us strengthen those of the other. As by David's enemy the words were originally spoken.

Unfaithful friend

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