Top 20 romantic hollywood movies

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Gerard Butler talking dirty! Based in London, perhaps the most beautiful places to be in the month of Christmas, this one is as Christmassy as they get. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower "I know there are people who say all these things don't happen, I know these will all be stories one day, but right now, we are alive, and in this moment, I swear we are infinite. Pretty Woman Would you ever think that a love story between a hooker and a businessman could play out like this? And of course Amanda Bynes who does a terrific job as her brother Sebastian. Watch it for the relatable storyline, a great plot, the background music, and ofcourse Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! It makes you yearn for someone who will make your dreams a reality just like Richard overcame his inhibitions to fulfill Julia's.

Top 20 romantic hollywood movies

Watch it for McConaughey! The Devil Wears Prada If movies were sizes, this one would be a perfect size two, if you know what I mean! Love Actually What does the word 'Christmas' scream? A young journalist played by Drew Barrymore turns her life around when she gets to go to high school again for a research project as a journalist. She's The Man When Voila plans to disguise herself as her brother and head to boarding school to fulfill her dream of being on the school's football team, little does she know that she will end up falling in love with her roommate, the ever-so handsome Channing Tatum. No Strings Attached A guy who gets you carrots because you told him you don't like flowers and makes you a mixed tape for that time of the month — meet Adam aka Ashton Kutcher! A Walk To Remember What would you expect if as a troubled teenager, you are punished and have to do community service? Watch it for the beautiful game and Tatum. It makes you yearn for someone who will make your dreams a reality just like Richard overcame his inhibitions to fulfill Julia's. Watch it again, fall in love again, and cry yourself to sleep! Watch the movie to find out. Landon expects the same when the unexpected happens. From childhood crushes, to old flames, the movie covers different types of relationships beautifully. Never Been Kissed What would you do if you got a chance to re-live your highschool days? Coming from two totally different schools of thought, both of them click and Butler falls in love with the producer while helping her impress another guy. You swap houses with a stranger in a beautiful fancy house in Los Angeles, meet the man of your dreams and fall in love with him to live happily ever after! If yes, this one is totally for you. Her journey from a jobless journalist to a famous fashion writer is rightly portrayed in the movie. Andy Saches Anne Hathaway wants to be a journalist but ends up working at a fashion magazine instead. This one is a total classic! Confessions Of A Shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood played by Isla Fisher is charming, goofy, quirky, beautiful, but first of all, she is a shopaholic! Simple and sweet, watch it for the couple's steaming hot chemistry. Valentine's Day In a series of interconnected stories, people of Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day. A moving tale, this one is totally heartfelt. Gerard Butler talking dirty! Adam and Emma decide to keep their relationship strictly physical, but life has other plans for them.

Top 20 romantic hollywood movies

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