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The goal of High Five is to help children develop and to give parent and child a fun and meaningful activity to do together each month. The page instructs the reader to find the various objects that are wrong. Puzzles, Short Stories, and Poems Every issue of Highlights features puzzles, short stories, and poems throughout the issue. Later extensions to the quays reduced the bridge length to m ft. It reappeared in The punchlines appear upside-down at the bottom of the column.


Goofus and Gallant's primary function is to teach children basic social skills. Sometimes the situations would show the boys talking, such as phone courtesy when parents are away: Every issue is 40 pages and includes poems and stories, crafts, easy recipes, games, puzzles and other activities that encourage children to be lifelong learners. Originally drawn in black and white, Goofus and Gallant changed to colored pencils in and later changed to colored computer graphics in December Other times it could be an unfinished story and the contest would ask if the readers could submit a few paragraphs to complete it. Regular magazine features[ edit ] Ask Arizona Appearing in the magazine since , "Ask Arizona" is a story series featuring a girl named Arizona who writes an advice column for other children, similar to Dear Abby or Ask Ann Landers. Aldredge and Jessie F. Highlights announced that this magazine, which is offered in several subscription packages [14] is designed specifically for babies. He designed a timber bridge using American oak and construction began in with the levelling of the riverbed and foundation work on stone supports and 40 sets of oak piers. Children find the smaller hidden pictures within the larger picture. Hidden Pictures Hidden Pictures, published in every issue of Highlights since the magazine's inception, is now found on page 14 of each issue. Timbertoes Bridge Timbertoes Bridge Waterford Timbertoes was a local name for a timber bridge which spanned the River Suir in Waterford between and Brain Play This section comprises a list of several simple questions for children. A knock-knock joke is always included as a part of this feature. This magazine for babies and toddlers targets children ages 0—2 years old. The John Redmond Bridge opened in and Timbertoes was no more. Goofus hogs his seat — Gallant makes space for someone else to sit down. The article depicts real-life experiences and appears in every issue. Later, they would buy Children's Activities and incorporate it in Highlights. They had become nationally well known in education and wished to share their knowledge so they began to work for Children's Activities. Rich Wallace is the current writer. A puzzle is always featured at the front side of the back cover. Several ideas would be chosen as winners and featured in a future issue. Contests Sometimes Highlights would have an illustration of something and would ask if a reader could submit a short story to accompany this. Jokes Appearing in every issue is a series of 10 jokes of various kinds. Goofus and Gallant Main article:


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  1. This children's magazine is for preschoolers ages two through six. Riddles A series of ten riddles.

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