Tiger walking downhill

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After much debate, we doubled-back and continued towards the village of Walnut Garden. Take it slow and stop a lot. Black Diamond downhill, Double Diamond uphill. That was our destination. Between the various levels of altitude, exertion and weather, the removing and replacing of layers was a regular activity over the next day and a half. With stunning scenery and downhill walking, this part passed far too quickly.

Tiger walking downhill

If you're going for the summit, keep riding on the road and follow the signs to the summit. Up in the clouds at Come Inn Day Two: They helped him with a couple of new words shower, interestingly something we desperately needed and encouraged us to check out the beauty of southwestern Hunan province, home of the rock formations made famous in the movie 'Avatar'. It exits directly above the entrance to Fully Rigid. We had heard about a ladder that you could take straight up the canyon wall to Tina's, and we did see the signs advertising it, but decided it sounded way too dangerous. Download the Maprika app http: See for yourself i n this video. They had booked a room for the night and in the middle of such fun conversation, we debated if we should do the same. The bridge in the photo below is near Tina's Guesthouse, which we crossed on our way to Walnut Garden. At the first singletrack intersection, you can stay left for the full East Tiger Summit trail to Preston, or go right for Off The Grid. We had fun looking down at the crowds and tour busses below, while up high, it felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. If you're going all the way to the summit, you'll need to get the rest of the way from here by road. Off the Grid is 2. On the road heading to Walnut Garden We crossed a bridge and started down the street towards Woody's near the trail head , but after five minutes were distracted by signs advertising trails to Middle Leaping Gorge. We paid the young lady 10 yuan each and started down the path only to realize it wasn't on the map or referenced by any of the blogs I had read. Yes, there is plenty of garbage on the trail and while it can be upsetting, keep going, because the higher you climb, the less there is. If you have a smart phone, there are dozens of apps available to help you find great routes through Tiger's awesome and growing trail system. Take it slow and stop a lot. Don't mind us as we carve into this scenic area Find the bottom of Quick Link immediately across the road, and ride up Quick Link to its road intersection. While we started at the same time as Laurens and Aimee, a young Dutch couple, they quickly overtook my pace. Maybe the trail closer to Tina's was the best way to go?! For the next two hours, there was very little climbing and it was easy to relax and enjoy the scenery. From the summit, enjoy the view and take a breather. This trail is probably the least ridden on Tiger - definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some alone time on the bike.

Tiger walking downhill

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  1. This isn't a race and no one is clocking your time. If you're going for the summit, keep riding on the road and follow the signs to the summit.

  2. Call it a Blue Square. After much debate, we doubled-back and continued towards the village of Walnut Garden.

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