Tamil secy

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I am extremely disappointed that in not a single issue of concern, the Central government has demonstrated any commitment in advancing any meaningful progress, be it resolution of land issues, questions of accountability and the question of missing persons or fundamental matters of independence of judiciary which is getting more and more politicised," he said. My Lords, it seems to me that the vesting of the streets vests in the Urban Authority such property and such property only as is necessary for the control, protection and maintenance of the street as a highway for public use. On 15th July, , a sum of Rs. Repairs and improvements to streets as such. Duty of Municipal Council in respect of public streets withdrawn from its control: There is no need to resort to the power reserved under Section 37 of the Act to cancel such a resolution.

Tamil secy

It has been already noted that the State as such never gave sanction or approval for the erection of the statue at the place concerned and the petitioner could after all rest its claim on the proceedings of the first respondent alone, which, as pointed out above, cannot bind the State the second respondent, with reference to its rights as the owner of the site, over which the public street exists. It will be convenient if we refer to the parties as they stood arrayed in the writ petition. Section speaks about the powers of Municipal authorities to lay out and make new public streets, etc. The requisite application, there for was made through one P. These sections, as also Sections 47 and 48 make provision for compensation and for empowering the Trust to deal with such property vested in it. I can help your company to create a full professionalism environment in your business meetings or dealings. Any indulgence by the Municipal Council in this regard must be subject to the right of the State, the owner of the site or the soil, over which the street exists. Robertson 6 L. I am well aware of the secret dealings where clients are sexually pleased with the help of escorts like me. There is a power reserved for the State to create self-governing units. Section 1 enjoins upon the Municipal Council to maintain and repair public streets at the cost of the Municipal Council fund. Then the question is how the proceedings of the first respondent would preclude the State the second respondent from asserting its right of ownership in the site or soil over which the public street exists. Such proceedings certainly cannot bind the State with reference to its right as a owner of the site, and the principle of promissory stopped could not be put against the State. Section speaks about the power of disposal of the site or so much thereof in a permanently closed public street subject to the approval of the State Government. It is only pursuant to this power, the first respondent has been constituted. On 28th June, , the following particulars were called for from the petitioner: The meaning I should like to put upon it is that the street vests in the local board qua street; not that any soil or any right to the soil or surface vests, but that vests qua street Sub-section 2 of Section 5 contemplates that on such abolition of Municipalities the balance of the Municipal fund and all other property vested in the Municipal Council and all its liabilities shall stand transferred to the State Government or to such local or other authority or to such Officer or other person as they by order direct. The second respondent in the writ petition the State and the first respondent therein-the Municipality, may take note of these features and consider the question of permitting the statue already erected to be there in the place, notwithstanding our judgment pronounced today. For that proposition it is sufficient to refer to what was said by Lord Halsbury, L. Singh's meeting with the TNA delegation was also to find out from the Tamil leaders as to which areasIndia could be of assistance to the Northern province. In the case of Finchley Electric Light Co. Their opinion was that the erection of the statue will not be a hindrance to the free flow of traffic and it will also not affect the future widening of the street. The meaning I put upon the word 'vest' is, the space and the street itself, so far as it is ordinarily used in the way that streets are used, shall vest in the local board On 5th July, , the Municipal Council directed the said Rangan to deposit 20 per cent of the cost of the statue.

Tamil secy

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  1. Rangan, a member of the Kancheepuram Municipal Council, for sanction and permission and he undertook to bear the entire expense.

  2. The Superintending Engineer, Highways, Madras, on 31st August, , also made his recommendation to the Chief Engineer, Highways, Madras, for the erection of the statue and sought permission from the second respondent. What then is the meaning of the word 'vest' in this action?

  3. It is not general property right that gets vested in the Municipal Council, for it to deal with as absolute owner thereof. The meaning I put upon the word 'vest' is, the space and the street itself, so far as it is ordinarily used in the way that streets are used, shall vest in the local board

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