Straight guys dared

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He gets back to the couch, with it still hanging out, sits down, then puts it back. Nick takes his dirty clothes and throws them into the dirty laundry. Jared begins to wash his waist as well, and now Jared is scrubbing the area right before his cock. Nick follows his happy trail down to his cock, and rubs all over it. They are now both sitting on the couch again. Nick is slightly more built than Jared is. Jared takes the cloth and begins to scrub his chest, with water dripping down his naked body, and soap sliding down his soft cock. Jared wets the wash cloth, as Nick is washing his hair, and puts some body wash on it, and rubs it to create a lather. Jared watches intently, in awe for how long Nick is sucking.

Straight guys dared

Cody is lying on his back, with the comforter only atop of his knees and below, Cody only wears basketball shorts, no shirt. Nick rubs the wash cloth on his chest, and works his way to his stomach, and now washing his waist. He gets back to the couch, with it still hanging out, sits down, then puts it back. Jared looks back up, and grabs a wash cloth. Jared looks at Nick. Jared begins to rub all around his cock, and all over his balls. Jared turns with his back to Nick, and lets the water run down his body, before wetting his hair. Nick backs up, and rubs down his legs, and scrubs them both, coming back up on his right leg, he goes around to his nice butt, and rubs all over the top, and in between it, making sure that it is clean. Nick gets over to the shower controls and turns the shower completely off. Nick and Jared eat in about twenty minutes. Nick follows his happy trail down to his cock, and rubs all over it. Nick goes back in and gets pillows, and a comforter. It had perfect round shape, and stuck out just far enough. Nick takes the cloth and rubs up and down both arms, and up to his neck and upper back, and scrubs. About two minutes pass. Nick turns to grab a wash cloth, wets it, and lathers up some body wash in it. You mean the one with the huge boobs? Jared puts his dirty clothes into his backpack. He reaches out and grabs both dry towels, and hands one to Jared, and slightly looks down to see his soft uncut cock. Jared finally gets the waist of the shorts down to his shins, and stops. He places the cloth in his hand, and strokes his cock up and down with it, making sure it gets clean. Nick now lifts his soft cock up slightly and rubs all around his balls, and slight back to his butt. Jared stops after another thirty seconds or so. Jared slowly reaches his left hand up to Cody, and places it on his flat stomach. Nick lets out a chuckle. Nick goes outside to greet him, and help him bring his things in.

Straight guys dared

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  1. Nick turns around, and is now facing Jared, who is washing his neck and upper back. Jared gives Nick a look of concern, but Nick motions with his head to do it.

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