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For us as believers, there should be no other reason why you should get married. Besides coming across as emotionally needy is a major turn off for most people. Only a few years before, I had been … a typical housewife, a Brownie leader. To say that a relationship, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, or a wife, is going to be the answer to our lives and our deepest longings is simply just not fair to that person. Many choose to stay single after being divorced or widowed. Focus on being the right person. One of the best aspects of being single is freedom.


For anyone who wants to read more about being Single at Heart , below are links to some previous posts. Rather, focus on you. Be the right person. Learned the hard way. I think you can help people who want to be coupled without denigrating those who do not. Singlehood is a gift. She says that she appreciates being able to make her own decisions about vacations, spending money, and even what to eat for dinner. It may not be a long season or an eternal season but nevertheless, it is a gift. The best thing you can do with your single-time is to use it. This is true especially for single girls. Stop obsessing about finding the right person. I already said that earlier but some things are worth repeating. After a year or so of heavy grieving, she began to enjoy new friendships. Though research has shown that single mothers have lower well-being than mothers who have partners, women who get divorced - and even those who are widowed - often report improved well-being and better health. Not to please parents. Let us know by leaving a comment. Our animal instincts push to us to crave mates. While she is relieved to live in a safer environment and knows it's better for her children, she complains often about the intense stress of single parenting. But please do not presume that the people who come to see you in your practice represent all or even most single people. If you feel led or called into marriage, this is important. How do I know? Not to follow the status quo of societal expectations or pressure. Singlehood is not a sin. Next time you feel all romantic about having someone in your life, order yourself to remember these aspects too. Put that down in your list.


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