Shabu shabu bar santa ana ca

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That's the time frame we were given. I could not finish all the vegetables, but my cutie made me a bowl of noodles using the water that cooked the meats and vegetables. Simply put, the service was terrible. Maybe they were down a person, maybe I came in on a bad night, hard to say. Luckily, I am a staunch supporter of 1 , and am a bleeding heart for the entire Japanese culinary tradition except natto. I asked if that was the best and she said the wagyu was the best.

Shabu shabu bar santa ana ca

Upon walking in, we were not immediately greeted by a server; we had a wait for about a minute before our server appeared and told us about a minute wait. Simply put, the service was terrible. I know it's the busiest time of serving, but by now you should be able to handle a dinner rush, and really, how long does it take to prepare a plate of thinly sliced meat and raw vegetables? Add to that the fact that Shabu Shabu Bar reminds me of a favorite bar I used to frequent when I lived in Osaka, and the fact that it came highly recommended from Vanessa H, and I was sold before even walking in the door. Want an org sm for your senses? Tabu Shabu also offers low carb or paleo on request if needed. Do I eat these or take a picture of it? They have both Goma and Ponzu sauces and their Ponzu is a very good tangy citrus ponzu. Once I finished the kobe I poured the rest of the sesame sauce on my brown rice and devoured it. When my cutie noticed that I was not using the sauces, she said I should dip my meat. Skip the mochi for desert; 2 dollars for one small piece warranted decadence but tasted no better than something out of the freezer section of your local asian supermarket 2. I also observed another couple come in, look around confused, and finally end up seating themselves in the waiting area because the front of the house never checked in with them. Evan and I will definitely be back to visit our cuties and try those hot shots soon. It was pretty good and healthy she said. As I glanced over the menu, I noticed the price tag on wagyu and decided to order kobe instead. I felt there was no reason to eat Shabu Shabu at a restaurant if the home cooked meal was of better quality. She smiled and nodded and I felt her vibing me now. Well, I realized we were not eating sushi, but who cares with all this eye candy. Now with so many Shabu Shabu restaurants popping up and the quality significantly improving people of all ages and origins can enjoy it. These types of restaurants have been all the rage these days offering many types of variations and varieties. I think Shabu Shabu Bar gets that, and I'm glad. I was eating my kobe and vegetables without any sauce and everything tasted so fresh and delicious. Each slice is perfectly placed on the plate. She told me that in the process of Shabu Shabu the water becomes a natural healthy and tasty broth for the noodles. Dinner was truly amazing from the cuties that helped us, to the amazing food art, and gourmet flavors. They also have an extensive Sake menu. They offer a Bulgogi Shabu Shabu which is Korean marinated beef that was divine.

Shabu shabu bar santa ana ca

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