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This insane factory controls the whole city of Hershey and is laden with roller coasters, lavish hotels, topiary arts, and of course…chocolate. It's a popular drink and many people have said on Yelp and other places that they love it. I've had the verbena twice now and can't wait to try the Schnozzberries. Theo Chocolate Factory Tour — Seattle, Washington Not only will the Theo factory give you a tour, but also an interesting history lesson on cocoa. I've actually been super curious as to what the Verbena and Schnozzberry look like visually. Just call in advance to book a tour and state your preferred language.


During the tour, you will learn all about the old-fashioned way of making this priceless sweet while frolicking around like royalty. Originally located in San Francisco, TCHO moved to its new location to expand because of growing demand for their products. The tour comes in multiple languages and takes you on a journey to sample the freshest batch straight from the oven. But there are factories close enough to achieve your childhood dreams scattered around the globe. Theo Chocolate Factory Tour — Seattle, Washington Not only will the Theo factory give you a tour, but also an interesting history lesson on cocoa. Just call in advance to book a tour and state your preferred language. Beware, once you get spoiled with the taste of the best, all other chocolate will taste like cardboard. You will learn about the strenuous process of farm to table of their product, and every guest will leave the tour with their own specialized packaged chocolate bar. Thank you Jesus for bringing us our cocoa! He seemed to have a very bad time trying the Verbena drink. Have fun on your trip and good luck! The Schnozberries drink is worth it in my opinion. After the tour, be sure to invest in a Dum-Dums t-shirt or baseball cap they make great gag gifts. Good, I want to go there again too, but not sure if I will order it again or not. Greg just did not seem to have a great time with the Verbena, did he warm up to it? This minute walking tour will show you the step-by-step procedure used to create a single jelly bean we all grew to cherish. During the tour, the room will smell of smoky cocoa since they roast the chocolate in front of you. It was nice to run into you last week. Oh, and the public tour is free our favorite price. Was it worth it for the Schnozzberries drink? Greg finished his drink but I don't think he will be ordering it again. Here are 15 awesome candy factories open to the public for a tour. It's not my favorite either, I think some people have different reactions to the flower. Of course, the tour ends with sampling up to jelly bean flavors from cream soda, to chili mango, to toasted marshmallow. Located in a palace in a rural countryside, the factory produces the oldest chocolate recipe known to man in the country. I thought at least a few of our members would like our cocktail server. At this factory, you will get a tour on the process of this world-famous treat and ride a trolley yay!


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