Roller city southend on sea

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Indoor Rollacity, located in Rochford, is a small but friendly skating rink that offers a classic, healthy family zip about on quad or inline skates, which are available to hire. Great for skill building and exercise, plus they offer varying session types with differing music and games. That game will be brilliant. Your opponents on Saturday are Bristol Roller Derby. Bristol are really strong and a big experienced league.

Roller city southend on sea

We will have merchandise on sale for the teams and also Resolute Framing, an independent business offering high quality, bespoke framing and framed prints, limited edition artworks, photographs, collectables and more. We played them for an exhibition bout for Sky News three years ago and our squad was very varied in that game. We were really pleased with our opening game to Champs. We recommend allowing a good two hours to get to Liverpool Street, including a bit of faffing around on the tube. There are a number of sessions available, from Open Skate, Coffee and Skate, lessons, and roller skating clubs, which means that there is something to suit all ages and ability levels. Brighton place 27th The after party venue is a bowling alley very close to Hockley station, and there are a fair few pubs close to the leisure centre, most of which receive moderate to good write-ups online. We definitely had a half-time turn around. Having met the Brighton on track twice in the last two years, you presumably know their squad fairly well. Finally, Sirens are hosting the action on the 21st. Any thoughts about how that one will go? Our Force Ten Gail recommends 93s. Was it good to get that opening win under your belts last month against the Seaside Sirens? Come and ride the roller coasters, eat some candy floss and skim some stones while eating hot donuts! What should people look out for in that one? I think we probably took LRR a little by surprise with the strength of our walls and the power and determination of the Bristol jammers. You will also need to ensure that any over hanging parts or accessories including cheese blocks, bolts, and screws are made flush. Due to a few fixtures having been swapped over, SSRG are in the unusual position of playing in three Game Days in a row! Care to predict the result? Did that game go the way you expected? This is a pretty small capacity venue — roughly half that of the recent sold out East London game day — so we very much recommend buying online as soon as possible. It was a 40 minute game and a cherry popper for myself. We have tiered seating, so will be giving our fans a different view of the track for the first time ever, but it only holds people so get your tickets fast! Which Bristol players or tactics do you think are going to play a key role in this game? Finally, with games against Windsor, Portsmouth and LRR coming up in the next few months, what are your views on the National South division as a whole? A huge positive for us is that, despite losing the game, we kept the points differential a lot closer than anticipated, leaving us nestled comfortably mid-table. It has a great roll but hard wheels are advised.

Roller city southend on sea

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