Proper sprinting form

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Hold your shoulders back and keep them relaxed as well. Video of the Day Start: Run out of the blocks and don't jump out of them. Try to get as many ground contacts as possible. Keep your elbows flexed at right angles while keeping your arms relaxed. Do not stand up too quickly. Jog for 10 meters and then sprint for 10 meters and rest.

Proper sprinting form

You should be moving them as if you are running on hot coals. Focus on the first 3 to 5 meters. Arms and hands should have an aggressive hammering action. Push hard with your legs and pump your arms hard. The action is similar to skipping except your are trying to gain as much height as possible and stay in the air for as long as possible. Hold your elbows at a degree angle and move your hands from shoulder to hip height during the sprinting process. There is no need to perform multiple sets and repetitions. Drive your leg forward with a high knee action. Keep your head in line with the spine and hold it high. Extended front leg and trunk form a straight line. When front thigh reaches maximum possible knee lift, lower leg swings forward in a relaxed movement. Keep your eyes focused on the finish line. Bodyweight is balanced so that only the ball of the foot touches the ground. Move forward 10 meters with this action concentrating on the number of ground contacts rather than how fast you cover the distance. Fast Knee Pick Ups: Front leg extends remaining in contact with the ground while back leg swings forward. Your body should be at a degree angle as you rise out of the starter's blocks. Do not stand up too quickly. First 5 Meters Exhale as you hear the starter's pistol. Run out of the blocks and don't jump out of them. Keep your elbows flexed at right angles while keeping your arms relaxed. Understanding what it takes to sprint will help you. Sprinting Technique Program These sprinting technique drills can be performed in this order or alternatively focus on just drills. A powerful start can help a sprinter control a race. Keep your face and neck muscle relaxed.

Proper sprinting form

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