Perception episodes

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Lewicki is shocked and Daniel says he should have let him do it the first time he asked but he didn't because he thought he depended on Lewicki enough. Two men carrying a large obstructing object passes between them and it's a different woman but Donnie doesn't notice. Once he's gone, "Natalie" tells Daniel that he should have let Lewicki do the lecture but Daniel's says the students paid for him to teach the class not Lewicki. Daniel then questioned the Secretary that she didn't see the judge return from the courtroom. Jennifer thinks Murphy matches her profile of a thrill-seeker perfectly. Then, we see Lewicki say, "the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. Donnie doesn't buy it and says that Daniel's theory only works if the 40 other people in the courtroom also experienced "change blindness. Donnie thanks Daniel for his help and tells him to go home and get some sleep. Daniel insists that he and Kate are just "colleagues, friends, that's it.

Perception episodes

Shoot to Donnie introducing Jennifer Britton, profiler from the criminal analysis unit brought in to help on the case. Next, we see Kate running to catch Daniel as he's going down in an elevator. Then, they're texting their friends about it while driving to the mall. Daniel asks Connor if he'd ever heard if "inattentional blindness. Shoot to Kate asking why he brought his own expert in and he says that her boss brought Jennifer in. Shoot to Kate and Daniel questioning Connor again, who denies killing Koepher. Then, Kate and Daniel tell him and Jennifer that Mills' wife was killed and his young daughter became a quadriplegic after a car accident where the driver was distracted because he was talking on a cell phone. Reporters are there as well as Daniel and Kate as Jennifer was the killer is a "thriller seeker You know that, right? Shoot to Daniel at the police station. She takes off his neck brace and we see a stab wound in his neck. Daniel thinks that Connor wasn't lying. Donnie thanks Daniel for his help and tells him to go home and get some sleep. Kate then tells Daniel that they just arrested a man named Shane Murphy, who tried to stab someone in the neck onstage in front of people and he confessed to killing the judge and the referee. When Kate walks away for a minute, Donnie comes over and tells Daniel that Kate is "really into you. Jennifer says the killer is "attracted to risk" whereas Daniel thinks that the killer "could just want attention. Lewicki says that he could handle it but Daniel refuses to let him. Donnie then says that neither one of them is probably good for her and they should let her move on with her life. He then insists that Connor will murder other members of the prosecution who "shamed" him and wants Connor picked up. Then, we see Daniel saying hello to Emmanuel, the janitor, at the courthouse. He says he's going to the police to warn them about Connor. They talk to some of the witnesses who only noticed that something was wrong when they saw blood. Donnie maintains that saw Cleland in court but when a cop brings something of Cleland's found in the stairwell Daniel reiterates that Emmanuel isn't the killer. Then, the alligator mascot hallucination reappears to him making the crazy sign and pointing to him. Donnie does say he can get the warrant and Kate thanks him.

Perception episodes

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