Parksville fishing spots

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Pink salmon will be staging and ready to play. Fly fishing as mentioned before is also a very effective way to fish this small flow. Your best bet is to fish in the early morning and evenings. These returns include pink, coho, summer chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and cutthroat trout. Lots of lakes nearby, including trout and bass.

Parksville fishing spots

Fish these off your spreader bars as you drift. Fly fishers can do well in the high lakes with dry flies like Tom Thumb and elk hair caddis patterns. Chinook salmon numbers have also spiked to record numbers in the past few years and steelhead are also making a slow and steady comeback. Check with Island Timberlands as the Nanaimo Lakes back country may be closed due to fire hazard. These returns include pink, coho, summer chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and cutthroat trout. Halibut to lb. Quennell Lake has been great for bass fishing. Chum salmon - These also love the flash flies. Fly fishers try leech patterns and Muddlers. You must have a valid British Columbia freshwater fishing license for the upper river and a British Columbia tidal fishing licence for the lower river below the marked tidal boundary sign. Pink salmon are starting to arrive up-Island and should be in local waters by late August and early September. The shore casters out at Rocky Point have been getting some good chinook salmon into the 20s. During low water periods the fish can be very picky, and will unfortunately draw in a large number of unethical anglers and illegal activites. These fish will also respond well to flesh flies and roe imitations, and if you want to try something new, they will absolutely smash a top water crayfish fly. Mature chinook salmon heading for the Big and Little Qualicum rivers will provide excitement for trollers and jiggers. Fish to 25 lb. Troll or fly fish on Lake Cowichan for big trout. Sockeye and pink salmon odd years. The next notable run of fish that comes in are the summer chinook salmon. In mid to late August things start to really heat up when mature chinook start to mill around the mouth of the Big and Little Qualicum rivers. The rivers have now got a few summer steelhead showing up. Cutthroats, rainbows and some brown trout in area. Pinks are great fun on light tackle and excellent eating if you dress the fish and put on ice right away. Pink salmon are best targeted from the beach in July and early August, although there are some nice fish to be had in the lower river at times during the end of August. Pinks, sockeye and coho generally farther out among Gulf Island. Otherwise the smaller, lower elvation lakes will be effected by the heat and trout will go deep.

Parksville fishing spots

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  1. Right beneath the bridge that goes through town can also offer good fishing at certain times of the year, and is always worth a check. Chinook to 30 lb.

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