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Here we call it corruption but there it is not corruption. Now, tell them that they should not produce or they should go and cut back on production, so, what do they do when they cut. When there is freedom of production, the heavy producers can just be making their money and there is no restriction, but then, there is a problem and prices drop. The PIB is still there for political reasons and the investors are suffering. He has convinced you against your will to do his will and he did not bribe you. There must be a reason why it has not been passed. Why not the PIB?


They have that political problem. Unless they do their arithmetic and found that it is beneficial to them. So, those in OPEC say why should they be the ones sacrificing, when others are benefiting? It is an old standing issue. There are basic disagreements. They all agreed on the terms and cut at the same level of percentage not considering whether you are a small producer or big producer. Where is the money now? Generally, there are 13 countries in OPEC,. Even though all of us have agreed to raise the price by cutting down production, if you look at the economics, it depends on how much you cut. The principle of planning for the years after oil has been over flogged but implementation remains a challenge. Even Nigerian investors will also want to make sure that they are making profits. If the Senators accept to do something, which they know is against the Nigerian system, it is not the fault of the operators that are lobbying them. So, there is politics in it that you have to look at the peculiarities of each country. You have not been able to pay your workers on normal allocation and you are collecting the one that has been kept for the rainy day. Their huge untapped reserves will then become useless to them. I cannot blame the multinationals. If this process is taking so long, are we surprised that the investing public is skeptical about going to start anything new? Those heavy producers, if they cut that much at the low price. Waiting for twenty years or more will not improve the quality of their eventual decision. Over the years, I am sure that they have been getting advice from various groups—professionals, communities, legal, technical, etc They do not need any more advice. Ben Anene Osuno has been in the oil industry for the past 56 years. He has convinced you against your will to do his will and he did not bribe you. This issue of PIB is purely political to the best of my knowledge and outsiders cannot go and tell legislators how to solve it. The governors demanded for the money and before you know it, they passed a motion and the money was released to them. If you come out of OPEC, there are many countries like Russia, Norway, Britain that are producing oil and they want to maximise their profits as well. They are here to invest and they are lobbying to get good terms for their investments.


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  1. What happened to the so-called Windfall profits, excess crude account and sovereign Wealth Fund among others, that government said it was going to keep for the future. If they are happy to sit on it and let our oil business go down, they are the ones to be blamed.

  2. It is gone and many of them are now asking for money to pay the workers. As it is now, it is difficult for any investor to do a business analysis.

  3. What we need more than anything else is the financial discipline and political will to plan appropriately and abide by any decisions to transit effectively to an era beyond oil. Here we call it corruption but there it is not corruption.

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