Nicknames for shannon

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Mae Actress Mae Whitman After a half-century hiatus, Mae is on the way up, rising to Number in the past three years. It's a good name, and definitely not too common. Skylar first hit the charts in the s, and it's stuck around since then. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their daughter Scout, and now she's an actress in her own right. The name is still popular in the U. Spanish in origin, Santana spiked in popularity in the s for girls and in the early s for boys. I never had a nickname growing up. Best thing about my name?

Nicknames for shannon

Edit I go to school with a girl named Shannon and she's super nice. I may use this name, I may not. I'm not ok, with smug, keyboard warriors passing judgement on something they know nothing about. Belle, the heroine's name in Beauty and the Beast, was a Top name in the s. Have a nice "Normal Vanilla" evening. Nell remains a stylish yet distinguished choice, standing on its own or as Nellie , or short for Eleanor , Helen or Helena , or even Penelope. There are five of us, all about the same age. Tess Model Tess Daly Tess is just hanging onto the Top , while mother name Theresa has fallen off -— though the Teresa spelling stands at Number I don't like the sound of this name at all. The one thing that always comes to mind is the song about the dog lost at sea, but sad as that is, it still isn't a bad association. The first recorded use of Stella as a name was way back in the 16th century, and we hope this star sticks around for a while longer. When my sister and I took a trip to Ireland, we learned the hard way that our names were not common in Ireland. If I do, it would be for a son. Though there are tons of variations we also love Suzannah , Susanna is the most basic one to build off of. I think the name is fine for a girl or boy, of course to me it sounds more natural as a woman's name, but that's just because it's my name. It's quite a cute name! I have to admit I hated my name as a child and was in a military family so we moved a lot and that meant going to lots of new schools, of course that led to many encounters with some kid that would say that's a girl's name and after a few thrown punches the teasing would quickly end. Spanish in origin, Santana spiked in popularity in the s for girls and in the early s for boys. It's a Native American tribe from Northern California and the name of a mountain and river in the same area, giving this gorgeous name earthy, natural roots. Sadie is suddenly hot, shooting up to Number 50 last year. More from The Stir: I'm OK with it being a males name as well. It's sensible and sweet and makes beautiful use of the soft starting sound. Susanna" is one of the most well known American minstrel songs, and that just goes to show how timeless Susanna is as a name. Shasta was popular for a short time in the s, but we think it's time to bring it back. Sheridan comes from the Irish name Siridean, which means "peaceful.

Nicknames for shannon

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  1. Or it may be short for not only Isabelle but Annabelle or any other belle-ending name, along with the rising Bellamy.

  2. Nor did I meet an Erin, my sister's name. Sylvia is the feminine form of the name Slivius, which comes from the word for "wood.

  3. If I were to consider using it, it would be for a potential son first or middle or secondary middle though unfortunately all the Shannon's I have known Mostly females, surprise surprise I have not cared for.

  4. While Maisie originated as a Scottish short form of Margaret and was well-known from the days of Henry James and Rudyard Kipling, today it might also be short for Mary or Melissa or even Esme , or —- even likelier -— stand on its own.

  5. I'm not ok, with smug, keyboard warriors passing judgement on something they know nothing about. I may use this name, I may not.

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