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Tap on iCloud Drive. If more than one product is found then you must pick one from the presented list. Once logged in the "Not Logged In" should change to show "Current iCloud account" and the shared databases associated with the account should have the text "Uknown" replaced with the account name. Locations and containers can now have an address or GPS position. They must have allowed MyStuff2 to lookup them up by email. This means you need to provide more details. Each value is separated by a comma, tab, or other character hence the name.


Google docs support has been replaced with Google Drive support. You will be returned to MyStuff2 which will process the scanned barcode and retrieve the data. Make sure you select the appropriate 'Multi-value Delimiter' on the Import Settings screen. If you wish to invite a person to share your database but they don't have MyStuff2, you can tap the email icon at the bottom of the User Management screen. If any of the other devices still doesn't have all of the correct data after completing this process, follow the steps in the next paragraph. Updated the Data Transfer screen so you select the transfer method as needed. MyStuff2 comes with context-sensitive help. Once logged in the "Not Logged In" should change to show "Current iCloud account" and the shared databases associated with the account should have the text "Uknown" replaced with the account name. Lookup lists can now have a note. See the Locations screen to setup your own locations. The Multi-select property of lookup lists has been moved to the attributes using a lookup list. Give the new account a name and save the new account. You can also specify a search scope of "contains", "prefix", or "suffix". If you do not have an iCloud acount you can create one, for free, on Apple's website at http: How do I solve the "Unable to process the file 'xyz'" message when adding an attachment? You can now directly add video as an item attachment. On the Category screen, tap on the "title" attribute. For each item in the CSV file or spreadsheet that has one or more pictures you enter their paths into this additional column. While editing the Item Display of a category, you can now move features between the Title and Subtitle. Emoji characters and other symbols can now be used in place of the category color dots. If you plan to add several movies at a time you should tap the 'multi-add' icon at the bottom of the New Item screen. Tapping these links will bring up the help for that other screen. Item reports and CSV data can now include item creation date and item last updated date. Once a category has been selected, be sure to double check the Column Mappings at the bottom of the Data Setting screen. Most only allow email attachments to be up to a certain size such as 15MB or so.


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  1. In order to use automatic data sync in MyStuff2, you must first obtain an iCloud account.

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