My husband loves oral but won t reciprocate

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I enjoy giving my boyfriend oral, and it's become a pretty regular occurrence. I really appreciate all of the advice so far. I already know I have a short sex life ahead of me in this marriage. In most ways, we have a great relationship, and I love him very much. I dont see him making an effort in bed any more. I can not get myself to tell him I want him going down on me. I never orgasm with penetration but do like oral sex.

My husband loves oral but won t reciprocate

I've explained that oral sex is a skill you learn over time at least, that's how I feel about it as the giver and I've told him that it would mean a lot to me if he'd just try. This object can cause extreme jaw discomfort and seriously fuck with your gagging reflex. I will not leave him for a discontented sex life. What should I do? Have you experienced this from either angle? When I talk to him about it, he always says some variation of "I'm not comfortable doing it because I don't know what I'm doing. I'm posting here because I'm very frustrated with one element of our intimacy: Both genders have it. What percentage would you say has returned the favor? Your girlfriend is guilty of taking and failing to give back, but you are guilty of giving and failing to demand anything in return. Practice proper hygiene, folks. It never takes 10 minutes. He gave me oral the first few times because penetration was nearly impossible and I was having a hard time getting him in. In the past, we have had some issues with him not initiating intimacy and me having a higher libido than he does, but we've been working on communicating better and things have been improving somewhat. First of all, men are not going down as much as they say they are. I think some of his low sex drive stems from the fact that he struggles with his weight, and it makes him self conscious. I come from a very conservative asian family where sex was never talked about, dating was taboo. In most ways, we have a great relationship, and I love him very much. Neither can I stomach this frustration any more. A shared understanding of what constitutes fairness is vital to any happy, healthy relationship. People of the penis-toting variety. I am 31 yrs old, and in my first relationship ever. Now I have begun to enjoy it even though it is tiring. Has any guy ever flat-out refused to give you oral sex or made a disparaging remark about it? But now it seems like even this will not be all that great

My husband loves oral but won t reciprocate

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