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List of drugs affecting the ability to drive. Factors such as gender, age, weight and dose all play a part in how the medicine will effect you. Usually, the sedative effect is strongest in the beginning of treatment and when the dose is increased. If you take more than one medicine or take any of them with alcohol, sometimes the sedative effect will increase. The effect of taking these medicines is easily comparable to having a blood alcohol level, which means that it could increase the risk of accidents considerably.


If you buy medicine abroad, the medicine will probably carry a different warning label. The Danish Medicines Agency evaluates the medicine's effect and side effects and also considers if it is a medicine that you take yourself or if it is given by a doctor, for example as part of surgical procedures. Anoint the corners of your greenbacks, your hands before handling money or your paycheck or on green candles to bless the household with necessary money. Not all drugs affecting the ability to drive have a red warning triangle In special situations, some medicines without a red warning triangle could still affect work safety and your ability to drive. We cannot say for certain how you will react as people respond differently to medicine. Remember that we all respond differently to the same medicine! Take a note of how you react When you take a medicine for the first time or if you take more medicine than you normally would, be very careful about deciding to drive. Like alcohol, "drugs affecting the ability to drive" can have a sedative effect or make you feel tipsy and could affect your judgement and your ability to react. Mojo Moon Fast Luck Oil is blended based on traditional old style recipes that have been passed down through the generations to incite and attract Fast Luck when placed on a red candle, on your fingertips and passed over your body, leaving a thin veil of scent to work as a secret magnet for luck to come from all forms straight to you. If you're not sure whether your medicine is affected, check this with your industry organisation. A little drop or two will suffice when blessing and sealing yourself for the day. Which medicines bear the red warning triangle? These sentences are to help the doctor and patient decide how to ensure utmost safety for the patient when using the medicine. Red warning triangle tells you which drugs affect your driving ability In Denmark, medicines that are associated with the highest risks of affecting you are labelled with a red warning triangle. The package leaflet also describes what side effects the medicine could give. It indicates that the medicine causes drowsiness, and that it can affect the safety of work and the ability to drive. Always read the package leaflet with the medicine. Think twice if the medicine you are taking in some way makes you feel impaired. Drugs affecting the ability to drive and alcohol If you take medicines with alcohol, the alcohol may increase the sedative effect of medicines that affect the ability to drive. Therefore, be extremely cautious if you drive or use machines while taking a medicine with a red warning triangle. The information is most often based on the available standard sentences. Only those medicines that impair the ability to drive significantly are labelled with a red warning triangle The warning triangle is used in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, so it is not an internationally used symbol. If you take more than one medicine or take any of them with alcohol, sometimes the sedative effect will increase. It tells you about any precautions that you should take. The sedative effect can also increase if you take several medicines that bear the red warning triangle at the same time. But it is very important to be aware that there are medicines without the red warning triangle that can also affect your ability to drive safely, as we will describe below.


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