Mars in cancer sexuality

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As the archetype of war, fighting, and anger as well as action and work, Mars is considered the minor malefic, second in negativity to Saturn, the planet of fear. Mars is the Roman name for the Greek god of war, Aries. One may be forceful about values, but is usually willing to work hard. Mars in the fourth house is fallen as energy is directed toward the home life, family, and one's inner feelings and loyalties. One may work at home, or one's environment may have many activities. Mars in the second house is in detriment, putting energy into work, efforts to gain wealth or material possessions, and industriousness. Mars in the tenth house is exalted stimulating ambition, industriousness, and an aggressive career. Brothers are often important, or conflicts with neighbors or in school may occur.

Mars in cancer sexuality

Relationships may be impetuous and impulsive with strong desires for sex or to work together. Brothers are often important, or conflicts with neighbors or in school may occur. Desires are strong, ardent, impetuous. One is usually willing to defend principles or one's religion or philosophy zealously. Sports and athletic exercise can be important. One usually attempts to refine and harmonize in balance impulsive and passionate desires which are often directed toward the partner or spouse. Mars in Scorpio is dignified as the energy is passionate, emotional, forceful, determined, and intuitive. Like all the planets outside the orbit of the Earth, its observed position does not stay near the sun, and it has a retrograde period when the Earth is passing it in its orbit. Desire to learn and go to school can be strong. Mars in Sagittarius is enthusiastic, optimistic, spontaneous, argumentative, frank, independent, and may be inspired or self-righteous. One is often zealous for justice and what one considers fair, though one may compromise, conciliate, and cooperate. This is the energy that moves us to act. Abilities are in adapting, alternating, observing, changing, and communicating. One tends to be hearty, fearless, chivalrous, frank, proud, and ardent. One's desire usually is to understand or spread awareness as a messenger or artist. One may be protective in bold ways, battle one's feelings, and experience conflicts or zeal in loyalties. Mars represents boldness, courage, zeal, initiative, and desire. One likes to explore, and go on adventures. The orbit of Mars around the sun is a little less than two years, days. Conflict and anger may be present, giving one a desire for independence. Mars in Aquarius gives mental energy, an active intellect that is scientific and humanistic, inventive, and independent. One is often willing to fight for one's country or heritage. Mars in Virgo gives energy for work, service, analysis, categorizing, and scientific activity. Will is strong, and romance may be impulsive. One makes friends impulsively but may have a tendency to quarrel. This stimulates leadership, creativity, drama or performing. Spending may be impulsive, and desires may be possessive.

Mars in cancer sexuality

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  1. Mars in the tenth house is exalted stimulating ambition, industriousness, and an aggressive career.

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