Love marriage pros and cons

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They are labeled as opportunist because their daughter chose her ideal man. Also, you get an opportunity of being just what you are, as your partner would love you the way you are. When there are some difficulties comes in their marriage life one partner can easily solve this problem with the help of another partner. However, when all the above aspects work out, the marriage is fixed. Whatever said done both arranged and love marriages seem to be appealing but the best deal is semi arranged as one gets to know the partner and also gets the approval of the family. In arranging marriage suppose that one partner cannot love another partner and got married in that case there is no proper communication between them. One is not marrying a total stranger. Then the day of the marriage comes, the big Fat Indian Wedding commences, along with all its festivities. Therefore getting along is not that difficult.

Love marriage pros and cons

They can easily adjust their behavior and nature according to their needs. Social Status - Even after the first meeting, talks on the marriage don't go further because of the difference in social status mostly economic. It also awakens you about the level of adjustment required after marriage. Demands in the form of cash and other assets may be made which could strain the relationship between the couple. Whereas in a love marriage, you know each others family. If one approaches them with a bit of caution and backgroud checks, it should be sure thing. Love marriage can be the best thing that can happen to anyone, if there is effort and commitment from both the sides, but if either of the two lacks this, it can be one of the most difficult of relationships to maintain. Sometimes, one can experience deception also and the marriage can also be merely for convenience. Eventually, she feels that her decision was wrong and she gets stressed. If there is a love present in their relationship then this love marriage is good and continue for a longer duration of time. Once this is done, rest assured, you will see your marriage blooming!! But in arrange marriage both partners are not familiar with each other. So relation created from this arrange marriage is really strong that have a full support of their parents, Community and their society. Mostly the girls suffer and the entire girls family feels guilty for pushing her into the marriage. There might be a quarrel between both partners. One is not marrying a total stranger. There is fun in discovering each other. Ego- Many a time, if the girls side or the boys side don't show adequate levels of hospitality, the fragile ego's are hurt and many a potential union has been nipped in the bud because of this. But it is too late for both partners to get out of this relationship. Early marriages have an advantage that both, the boy and the girl are in their formative years and impressionable. Marriage will not be the ceremony itself, but the time the couple spent together as a married couple. Familiarity with the partner Advantage — the reason why people to get married by their own choice is that they are familiar with the other person. Love Marriage Has More Benefits! Common myth about love marriage: They are labeled as opportunist because their daughter chose her ideal man.

Love marriage pros and cons

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  1. Whereas in an arranged marriage, you do not know the person with whom you are planning to spend your whole life.

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