Lesbian submissives

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Here is a quote that illustrates this point: The penetration-related activities mentioned in the below graphic involve fingers and strap-ons because they were the acts most statistically numerous in our survey results, but of course other kinds of penetrative sex exist, including with toys or with penises when some amab transfeminine people or trans women are having queer sex, and are enjoyed by many bottoms of all kinds. In the mean time you can be talking to her telling her what is coming. One very erotic idea is to have her purr and meow for you as you caress her. This will have to be emoted very well to be a trigger. Instead, she must meow and purr to you. It makes your control of her very real. Asking Permission Another way you can constantly remind her that she is under your control is by having her ask your permission. Tell her she is to be your pet for the evening and lovingly place her collar upon her and attach her leash to it.

Lesbian submissives

Preparing her for Punishment A punishment spanking is often more filled with ritual than most any other scene and draws very much on her anticipation of an event that she knows will be a test and challenge to her. Everywhere you go in SL you make every decision for her. As her Mistress, your responsibility is to take care of her and to see she does what is best for her. Many ideas for increasing the depths of her submission utilize embarrassment in one form or another. Some submissive women would never want a spanking they thought was given as a punishment. You may want to have her strip in advance and sit on the device to reflect upon her infraction and what steps she is going to take in the future to avoid a similar lapse. Besides the rapid death of democracy and the equally rapid rise of fascism! Not in a hurtful way, but as a very sensual experience. Other interesting comments included: While bottoms expressed a similar level of interest in giving external stimulation as they are in getting it, there was a distinct preference for receiving when it came to all penetration-related activities. This will help out during the initial stages of SL domination as many get overwhelmed by all the rules and requests and just poof away. Be creative and you will find many ways she can be thoroughly embarrassed in front of others while being the only one that knows the real reason she is acting as she is. Have her undress and kneel before you. In other words, she must feel the spanking is deserved, so my advice here is never punish her for something left unclear. See you in SL somewhere. This touches upon the idea of her losing certain personal privacies which can increase the intimate bond between you both. We all know how much love and attention our pets receive and it should be thrillingly embarrassing and sweet — not at all degrading. Sending to her room to await you should excite her greatly even though she knows the spanking may not be that enjoyable. In this way, your discipline of her is another way you can show her you love and care. This way she can be very clear on what is expected of her and it will make it easier for you to enforce them. It also increases the anticipation of finally being given permission which can hold her on the edge of a climax for an extended period which will build its intensity. To me, this is one of the most positive aspects of spankings treated as a punishment. Be sure to bring her to a climax while allowing only mews of pleasure… It is an incredible feeling to have a woman you love and who loves you napping at your feet while you hold her leash in your hand. Make a little nest of pillows and blankets in a corner and make that her special place. As a pet, she is not allowed to stand or to use the furniture.

Lesbian submissives

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  1. We all know how much love and attention our pets receive and it should be thrillingly embarrassing and sweet — not at all degrading. See you in SL somewhere.

  2. We all know how much love and attention our pets receive and it should be thrillingly embarrassing and sweet — not at all degrading.

  3. If you sense that she has gone on her own lack of communication , leave her an IM chastising her for it and log-off yourself.

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