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Usually her mother is the first one to hear her new poems. It feels like I don't even exist in the world, As if I'm a migrant bird far away from my land Turning back to look at my village. I don't know where I lost you, Land. See other articles by Reza about photography. Because the Latin alphabet is so new in Azerbaijan, very few children's books have been printed using it. What's the meaning of calling Someone else's garden your own?


The northern part where Lamiya lives is called the Republic of Azerbaijan; the southern part where Reza comes from is in Iran. When she doesn't write, her dreams get "mixed up" and she doesn't feel at ease. In the meantime, Lamiya is dreaming of the day when she and her family can go back to their home in Jabrayil, the day when no one will ever dare call her "refugee" again. I am a poet and you, an intellectual. It costs lots of money to print new books. What's the meaning of my poem? Lamiya used to borrow books from the school library in Jabrayil, especially books of poetry. She says that when she writes, she has a calm sleep and beautiful dreams. I beg of you, please don't call me "refugee". Lamiya hopes to grow up to be a famous poet and journalist someday. I don't know where I lost you, Land. Don't call everyone who writes, a "poet". It's a simple room with only a bed and one dim, naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Don't be so tender-hearted and sensitive, This tender heart of yours will make you grow old sooner. If you only knew how much I love you, I am coming to see you again. Has been so painful, so don't call me refugee. Recently, Lamiya started to write short stories. When she was eight years old, she started writing her own poems. She has learned two different alphabets because Azerbaijan has a new alphabet called the "Latin alphabet" which looks very much like English. Her mom is very proud of her. Her family loves her to write poetry. Reza met Lamiya last year when he was taking photos for National Geographic Magazine. Once, Lamiya's mother woke up in the middle of the night, went into Lamiya's room and found her sitting on her knees on the cold cement floor bent over her notebook, writing. Usually her mother is the first one to hear her new poems. You're from the other side and I, from this. Today we need to get our land back. So kids in Azerbaijan who really like to read have to learn the new alphabet and the old alphabet, too.


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  1. Lamiya will never forget you. Now Lamiya is 12 years old and has written hundreds of poems about many different topics.

  2. The reason why I write these sad things Is that living a meaningless life is like hell. If a person doesn't know the value of his country, What's the meaning of telling him "Know it!

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