Lake chelan jet ski

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All in all, a fun trip. Of course now I can't remember which is Hood and which is Jefferson. It all points away from the mountain. I was going to slap the cowl on and go flying, but it started raining. We stopped in Lancaster, CA for comparatively cheap fuel and lunch. While leaning at high altitudes, I noticed I couldn't lean as far as at lower altitudes without the engine running rough.

Lake chelan jet ski

It seems that all of the problems with these units have been with the timing reverting to the factory setting. I'm not sure what the recommended interval is for the plugs, but I've been running the same ones since day 1. Voting a second time for a final merger of the four towns into a single city, the resolution passed by votes for and against. At least from a flying perspective. More flying and fairings Sun 17 February Filed under Endgame I've actually been flying the last two days, a highly unusual event around here in the winter. The plane suddenly seemed too quite or too smooth. The second picture adds Mount Adams on the far right. The engine ran silky smooth on either mag. We waited out a storm in Roseburg, and then forged on through the Siskiyous following I-5 all the way. Since I like to test them before I take off, I decided it was a good idea to get them upgraded. That should give me a few more knots. I tried tightening it at one point, but it was still leaking. Even a few planes were parked there. I'm not sure I'd want to deal with these commercial and Air National Guard guys on a regular basis. That's about miles of visibility in each direction. Mount Shasta put on a spectacular show as we flew right by it. Take the Lady of the Lake to Stehekin, charter a fishing trip, hike and picnic in pristine parks and forests. All in all, a fun trip. Very warm day for Februrary. Black over red is pretty cool. This is a mine outside of appropriately named Copperopolis. Much better than fabric duct a. We were on a family vacation for a week involving a sailboat rather than the plane. Joshua Approach dropped us, but it otherwise worked great all the way up. And the Cascades were showing off their full glory. We hung out with our friend Jeff and checked out his new hangar and RV-7A progress.

Lake chelan jet ski

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  1. At first, attempts to combine Fairhaven and Whatcom failed, and there was controversy over the name of the proposed new city.

  2. Lots of desert and not much else. Would have been even shorter if I optimized my route a bit instead of heading toward Chelan.

  3. While I was at it, I decided to change to new plugs. They got in about 3 in 20 minutes.

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