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Either with the whole car, or just by itself. I went after work when it was dark and started to look at it as the owner was talking to me. We'll see how that ends up. In some Japanese racing classes the LZ engine is fitted with low compression pistons and a "T05B" turbocharger. Initially I put it up for sale because I saw an all-original, one-owner '73 Z with low original miles on it that I thought I wanted, but the more I think of it, do I really want a car that I can't modify, that takes 10 seconds to do instead of ? Specifically to give an overall picture of the cost, potential and problems associated with using this engine as a base for a performance application. Lastly, why didn't Nissan cover over this hole with the new fuel injected blocks? All early twin cam engines appear to have the 14 bolt rocker cover 6 for the cover and 8 for the bolt-in plug holders. In the meantime, I'm putting the L26 back in the Z and getting the Weber carbs rebuilt so I can just drive the damn thing.


So far I've spent more money on drivetrain parts than anything else! By that point, you should know enough about turbo systems to make educated decisions, and to ask the right questions. This uses the stock exhaust side of the turbo and a larger intake impeller. Also, my engine was leaking pretty bad for a also according to the seller "rebuilt with 6, miles engine": For the Nissan L series engine, the stock turbo cam should really do you up to hp. As you disassemble your engine, be sure to put everything in baggies and label it. So I guess I'll have to replace some gaskets at least. Fuel Delivery First thing, you'll likely want a new fuel line if you plan on pushing hp. Read up on what makes a good intercooler and make an educated choice. This will save you much torture upon re-assembly. Unfortunately had to sell my super-rare '94 MR2 Turbo to afford it You get a cookie if you can guess what that shell is in the background! We'll see how that ends up. The turbo itself will eliminate the exhaust drone that NA 6 cylinders get from rpm. A cheap intercooler will take you no where, and do it well. They are considerably cheaper than high performance injectors, and will fit in the Z with some modifications. However, you don't want to use synthetic motor oils for the break in period. I definitely plan on thoroughly going through the engine now. I wince a little when I say that. When I get a full gasket kit in, I'm going to take all the accessories off the front and give them a proper cleaning. Then the Subaru BRZ was released earlier this year and it's the first new car I've ever really wanted to own! Which means the whole car's getting repainted, woohoo! Run a hidden toggle switch on the line that triggers your fuel pump relay. It received multiple top rankings in some events. Tow hooks ripped clean off! Here's a pic of the Treadstone intercooler:


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  1. I'm also selling parts from my defunct RX-7 project to buy parts for the Z. Read up on what makes a good intercooler and make an educated choice.

  2. Also, I may be purchasing a Megasquirt kit which will further delay the time it'll take me to get the car finished, since I'll have to research and buy a new turbo and injectors, at the very least.

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