Korean wedding guest attire

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Same goes for what you wear. After the ceremony, we all moved along to a huge room where a buffet was set up. Guests bring money, not gifts, to the ceremony. Money is the only gift that is given by regular guests. After the private traditional ceremony is held while guests are eating , the bride and groom come out, wearing their hanbok, to thank their guests for attending. The ceremony itself is more 'ceremonial' than legal. You'll probably see women wearing white, black and all the colours between.

Korean wedding guest attire

To give you a little more insight into Korean weddings, I compiled some fun facts for you! Not to worry too much, however, as a foreign guest, you will be forgiven any faux-pas you may make. The marriage is not official until it has been registered at the local district office. Koreans like to have a lot of people at their wedding and the verbal invitation isn't any indication of how important or not they think you are, nor is it a reflection of your relationship to the person inviting you. At home, you may be used to showing up at a venue where only one wedding is planned for that entire day or evening. You will likely watch the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom walk down the isle, then the bride, along with her father. Again, check to find out what others recommend you give or what they are giving themselves. Many Koreans send their invitations via a popular messaging app, called Kakao. Walking down the isle after the ceremony! Instead, most Koreans have Western-style weddings. In Korea, cash is what everyone gives. Traditional wedding ceremonies, with the elaborately costumed groom riding in a palanquin to the house of the bride to share ceremonial sips of wine at their first meeting are now seen only at the Folk Village. When we arrive at the hall, it was about 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Same goes for what you wear. There were also quite a few people wearing jeans. After the regular ceremony is held, Koreans have a very small private ceremony with close family. Korean weddings are very different than what one may be used to back in the states. Korean weddings are very quick events — most ceremonies only last a few minutes. If there's a special theme, it may be on the invitation, if you receive one. Korean women keep their family name, even after marriage. To know how much to give, you'll want to check your colleagues or support staff. There is no big proposal or engagement ring! Back home, you may choose to get a gift item off of the registry or you may decide to give cash or a check. The event was also a lot more casual than a ceremony at home. After the ceremony, we all moved along to a huge room where a buffet was set up.

Korean wedding guest attire

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  1. When you first arrive, you will see someone collecting cash. Let me rewind for a moment.

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