Kittens playing with yarn

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Maine Coons enjoy playing with their food and sometimes their water. Getting Started Kittens cannot be socialized while they are still in their colony. Cats love cat trees. Stainless steel is the ideal material for your waterbowls. Do not use brushes on Maine Coons, they do nothing more than move the top layer of fur around.

Kittens playing with yarn

Bathing will also help reduce the amount of hair that is shedding and is vital during their molting seasons Spring and Fall. You can find some really neat outdoor enclosures for your cat if you would like them to enjoy the outside with you. Be gentle and groom the cat in a position that is comfortable for you both. A dry hacking, gagging cough is usually a hairball. Our contract explicitly states that you agree to never have the cat you purchase from us declawed. Keep toilet lids down and do not use tank cleaners if your cat ever drinks from the toilet I know, groan, but some do! They can cause the intestine to scrunch up accordion-style, even turning in on itself like a sock. After your kitten is acclimated to his new home, you are welcome to use whatever litter suits your cat's preferences and your lifestyle. Many items people think of as traditional kitten toys are also some of the most dangerous. We start with Purina Layena Chicken crumble chicken feed , which is made of corn and Fresh Step clay non clumping litter. Offer clean fresh water every day. Cats are obligate carnivores and require the majority of their food from meat. It is best to alter as many cats in a colony as possible before you begin socializing. Many of them can be choking hazards or toxic if swallowed. Towel dry the cat well after the bath. They can hide in tiny spaces and are exceptionally difficult to find and coax out. There are five claws on the front paws and four on the rear. A cat's average temperature should range from Please do not allow your Icoons Maine Coon outside unsupervised, or they may become the unwitting member of another family! Do not get water in their ears when bathing - do not submerge their heads at all! Wrap the kitten in a towel allowing her head to stick out. String, ribbon, yarn and rubber bands are fun to play with, but potentially deadly if swallowed. Eventually the kitten will associate your presence with food. Do not let the kitten bite, scratch or play with your hand. We feed assorted cat treats at bed time. Expose the kittens to a variety of people.

Kittens playing with yarn

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