Kids react to eharmony

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This young man, he thought, would be great for his daughter, so he asked for his contact information. Kim also advised parents to lie to their kids. Some parents milled about, reluctant to make the first move. Parent after parent described how in their eyes, each of their children was precious and nearly perfect — and would make someone very happy. John Jae-dong Kim at his clinic in Upland. I guess I'm looking for a nice girl who's outgoing, and that's it," he said. The year-old stood smiling sheepishly, slouching with his hands folded in front of him, as his mother introduced him as a loving and understanding bioengineer with two older sisters. Some scribbled notes; some circled entry No. Tell them a nice family acquaintance wants to set you up, he said, as the younger generation may be mortified by the idea of this type of event.

Kids react to eharmony

Kim's wife bid farewell to father No. His daughter, having been raised in the U. He apologized for his poor Korean and switched to English. Park and his wife have volunteered at 16 Chungsil Hongsil matchmaking events in Koreatown. The result is a cross between a business pitch meeting, speed dating and bingo night. A handful of professional marriage consultants were charging exorbitant fees, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, for introductions. Exchange photographs first before starting a conversation, he told them. They exchanged flattery over photos of one another's children. After all the introductions, Kim gave the parents some pointers. That has been a source of much heartburn for first-generation Korean immigrants, for whom getting their children settled in wedlock is the culmination of their obligation as parents. The organizers don't keep track of successful matches, leaving everything but the initial introduction to the young men and women themselves. Advertisement Each parent, and in a few cases the children themselves, gives a two-minute introduction, laying out the bachelor's or bachelorette's age, profession, education, hobbies, religion, Korean proficiency and anything else that might be of interest. Do you want a good son-in-law? Others eagerly flitted from table to table, collecting phone numbers or email addresses. Someone who can cry with her, laugh with her. The year-old stood smiling sheepishly, slouching with his hands folded in front of him, as his mother introduced him as a loving and understanding bioengineer with two older sisters. He likes to sing, and he finished the San Diego Marathon, she said. He saw many fellow Koreans who were stressed out about their kids' marital prospects but powerless to do much about it. Late on a Sunday afternoon earlier this month, the parents arrived at the Oxford Palace Hotel in Koreatown, some from as far as Oregon and Canada, each clutching a photo of a son, a daughter or both. Park showed up to help out as a volunteer. At one corner table, three sets of parents and a father compared their children's "specs," as Koreans refer to factors such as education and profession. By Victoria Kim Mar 29, 2: Then you have to seek, you have to find. Jae-dong Kim, a gastroenterologist and Catholic deacon, came up with the idea for an event connecting parents with unmarried children six years ago, while marrying off the last of his four offspring. Some parents milled about, reluctant to make the first move. Don't be discouraged if a parent of someone you're interested in is talking to somebody else — think of your children's future and swallow your pride.

Kids react to eharmony

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