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Being deceived is a basic human fear, even when it comes in the form of self-deception. Who actually had sent it? The scenes in the forest. To take revenge on his loss. His house burnt down and his wife Keiko was found dead in the ruins. The sky became dark and started to rain. They avoided looking at the eyes of the boy. The spirit of the boy had awaken! Not long after his mother died from the war and his father took him to America,and left him after promised to come back and take him home.


Kagutaba Village had been classified as the 'black zone' by the government as what the disease had done its people. Kobayashi learns Ishii has moved out and finds dead pigeons surrounding her house. He disappeared in the process of making his most disturbing documentary, The Curse. This is a film that unsettled me like no other in recent memory. I want to show you something. Hori abruptly becomes possessed and leaves with the boy, and is later found dead, gruesomely mangled and crammed into a ventilation shaft. Quiet surprised he slowly opened the door to greet the postman, who had known him since he lived in the house. Hey, go home now,or your mother will scold you! Everyone except the shaman were in terror. His face was pale and his hair was untidy. Many scenes throughout the film where nothing overtly frightening happens count as this just for the sheer tension in them. The boy instantly grinned filled with evil and looked creepy. The mysterious death of the housewife and her daughter at the beginning of the film who live next door to Junko. It was never about mysterious disease or spirits, it was just about ignorant, the ignoramuses who had lacking knowledge, believe in magic and delusions. But the village had risen. It sure does not make any sense. People at the production company apparently think highly enough of the film that they have mentioned it in the same breath as The Exorcist and Seven. The people could only hear what had happened. His skin breaks out in boils and the only way to fight back the illness is to keep replenishing his system with new blood from comatose hospital patients. It is the place where he can live hundreds of years. Others may prefer Oldboy, The Handmaiden, or even his English-language psychological thriller Stoker. Until now the mystery of Kagutaba Village was still unsolved. That, and he can Freak Out! Sang-Hyun is attracted to Tae-ju. Halfway in the movie, Kobayashi takes Marika in for protection and has her stay with his wife Keiko as he tries to figure out the mystery. It had caused her to suffered a brain damage. I do believe that he is still live in there to keep our world safe from the spirit of Sawado.


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  1. Junko Ishii, one of the key characters in the movie. What's more, is although the zoom makes it blurry, it very clearly has Kagutaba's face on an otherwise-human body.

  2. He had several times going back to Japan, seeking for his family but it had resulted unsuccessful.

  3. The film initially demonizes the foreign stranger, only to make you wonder if it plans to subvert that stereotype because having him be the bad guy would just be too obvious.. Maybe it was just his own feeling.

  4. The shaman recite a more powerful spell and as fast as a bolt he gripped the head of the possessed boy tightly.

  5. So then development occurred and the village was sunk underwater as the dam was built a few years later.

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