Is taurus compatible with sagittarius

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If the relationship flounders, it will be the Sagittarius woman who takes off for pastures new. These two signs have much to learn from one another, but ultimately they may be just too different to sustain a lasting relationship. It is true that representatives of this sign have no idea how to make up a lie, let alone tell it. Although this is a rare scenario, they could actually use their attributes to enhance sexual pleasure Venus would offer. In exchange, the earth sign will avoid getting stuck in a stagnant rut because the fire sign will encourage growth and adaptation. In return they would get a cheerful soul who knows how to make their relationship exciting.

Is taurus compatible with sagittarius

The Taurus man wants to settle down into domestic bliss, and to be loved and looked after, and to have his every need seen to. If they hang around long enough, however, this couple will discover that they do have some shared values, notably a passion for honesty. Taurus would take care of their Sagittarius partner and keep them satisfied. As parents, you provide an interesting blend of stability and excitement for your kids, but education will be a top priority for your brood. These two signs have much to learn from one another, but ultimately they may be just too different to sustain a lasting relationship. Taurus needs earthly pleasures in their relationships and as a fixed, Earth sign it is the slowest of all signs. In your sign match, Taurus is a receptive yin sign and Sagittarius is an assertive yang sign. Taurus, the Lover, will of course be devastated if the Adventurer is unfaithful. By contrast, the ever-changing mutable sign is always changing things—adding one more guest, jamming one more coffee date into their day, starting another project before they finish the 50 they already have going. Taurus helps wandering Sagittarius establish roots while Sag encourages the Bull to take more risks. Economically, you two may crash and burn before they learn how to manage your vastly different approaches to spending and saving. Their approaches to life are different, their characters incomparable, but the joy they can feel toward some things is completely the same. Sagittarius will help Taurus to broaden their mind, and Taurus will help Sagittarius to appreciate the importance of roots and stability. Your bond is intense, unspoken, almost secretive in a way. The yin sign can be too passive or passive-aggressive and sacrificing, while the yang sign may act domineering, aggressive and selfish. The Sagittarius woman on the other hand, wants adventure and excitement and risk. There are four elements in astrology: This is a fascinating, complex combination that defies explanation—the original odd couple. For Sagittarius and Taurus, compatibility initially may well lead to a passionate, fiery, sensual encounter, as the earthy sexuality of the Lover meets the exuberant expressiveness of the Adventurer, but that in itself is not enough to create a firm basis for a longer relationship. This astrology love match of wildly different elements can thrive as long as you play to your strengths. By contrast, adventurous fire signs long to explore, grow and spread into new terrain. In exchange the fixed sign will have to give an inch and be willing to try new things. When stubbornness learns to yield, and when restlessness learns to calm down, true love can conquer the inherent Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility problems. Taurus finds this repulsive at best, and if a relationship with a Sagittarius partner begins and they start acting this way, there is a big chance they will get dumped. The fixed sign in this relationship likes to make a decision or plan and stick with it. This couple make great friends or colleagues, and they can be an inspiration to each other. Taurus priorities are a solid home and family life, and a successful career, but Sagittarius priorities are altogether loftier, involving a search for truth and justice, education and travel.

Is taurus compatible with sagittarius

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  1. There will be no secrets in this relationship, which you might think would be a good thing — and it is.

  2. She thrives on risk , he avoids risk at all costs. At some point, however, Sagittarius will get restless.

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