How to handle a selfish boyfriend

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Act Aloof and Sad: You need to be clear with your partner about these conditions—tell him exactly what you expect from the relationship and set some ground rules. Expecting your guy to stop being selfish right away is like expecting a girl to stop being jealous about her boyfriend overnight — it is just not possible. Think about all these things before you make you decision. However, when you have a selfish boyfriend, his selfishness is usually hard to accept.

How to handle a selfish boyfriend

But always remember to never become selfish too. How he allows his girlfriend to finish speaking before he interrupts The subtle, yet very overpowering sense of respect that he shows towards his girlfriend How he behaves like a gentleman with her How he puts aside what he is doing and cheers her up if she seems annoyed or sad If your boyfriend has the slightest bit of care and concern towards you, the other guy's behavior should make him reflect on his own attitude. Take this step only if his selfish ways are beyond your control and you are certain about going to any lengths to save your relationship. Stop ignoring your needs and devote to yourself completely. Try to explain to him how his behavior makes you feel Sometimes, people behave in a certain way without even being aware of it. Go on a Double Date With a Couple Who Shares Great Chemistry Going on a double date with a couple who shares amazing chemistry will open your boyfriend's eyes and give him a lesson or two on how a guy should treat his girl. Tell him about the fact that he expects you to be free from your studies and work whenever he wants, but that it is never the same vice versa. Either way, they will do whatever it takes to justify their behavior because they usually refuse to accept selfishness as a part of their personality. A selfish boyfriend typically takes his girlfriend out on a date when and where he feels like. It's just that I feel like I don't matter because you don't give me any importance. Instead, keep your emotions under control and always remind yourself not to lose your temper. Even I want to throw a girly tantrum and have my guy comfort me in his hugs. They value it above anything else. He will start getting his act together if he wants a genuine relationship with you. Let him freak out for a while until you respond back with a simple "hi" or a "hello. You need to keep insisting that he should stop being selfish and change his ways. Give Him More Love Sometimes being selfish is not an entirely internal problem, it could be cause by an outside factor. Tell him that you just don't feel like it. Here are 9 of them. But if you have already found yourself dealing with a selfish partner, there are some steps you can take for him to reconsider his behavior. Support him in turning himself into a better person. From being selfish on dates to selfishness in bed, wait at least a month or two for the change to be permanent. Does he act like this toward everyone or just when he is with you? Take a note and use specific instances to show him how painful it is for you. These are some of the things your boyfriend will notice about the other guy:

How to handle a selfish boyfriend

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  1. Face him with the facts When you confront selfish people, they will usually deny everything and they may even be shocked by your accusations.

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