How to describe an orgasm

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She cried out as hot tears fell from her eyes. I entered a plane of being where nothing mattered, save the infusion of joy brewed within my body. I won't describe them but I've found that one allows for more than one orgasm, the other is an end-all-be-all orgasm. Recently someone emailed me and told me that, after a particularly powerful orgasm, her vision is tinted green. For a few seconds afterwards I have a fine spiritual glow… and maybe it would continue that way indefinitely — how can you tell? She slid down around him and his back arched convulsively. During G-spot, strangely I always look to my left as if looking over my shoulder and the nerve bundle at the base of my spine radiates out in ripples of returned warmth that lift me to the top of the wave and then drop me off the froth into the trough. There's something perverse about women… they're all masochists at heart.

How to describe an orgasm

She hears a broken amorous groan, The panting lover's fainting moan, Just in the happy minute. The pain had been shocking to her. The orgasms would sustain her. He was thrusting faster and faster now, and the pain was mingled with pleasure, and I could have said: Another orgasm is the virgin orgasm. However, sex expert Tracey Cox disagrees. I read that for a class on obscenity in the English department. Tides of maddening passion roll, And streams of rapture drown my soul. This is different for every woman, so by all means don't look at your character and think this is the kind of self-pleasured climax your character is having. Not a very alert one. He kept impaling me. Inside she was being consumed as the walls of fire burned deep inside her. Write about orgasms, win unspecified prizes So, a challenge: A touch from any part of her had done't: They stood there, bodies suctioned together, as still as the air. And then a rocket sprang and bang shot blind blank and O! That knock on the door and the whispered, "Mom, are you okay? Her eyes were closed, her face a mask of both heated bliss and uneasiness. Every part is important and should not be ignored. I screamed and came for him. She slid down around him and his back arched convulsively. It ripped and burned her. July 23, 3: It rolled down to cover her lover's cock and as the white, hot nectar flowed thick from her sex, Carol knew she was his. I get so goddamned mad at myself that I could kill myself… and in a way, that's what I do every time I have an orgasm.

How to describe an orgasm

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