How to annoy a control freak

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Why would we do this? Use the no reaction method - Some control freaks would like to suggest you what to use and what to do in your life. I have helped create all the sessions there and have listed related downloads below. To change this or to deal with such control freaks the best way is to avoid them or not give them any reaction. Just stick to the most unarguable statement you can think of — such as "I like these shoes! So make jokes as a way of tempering their dictatorial attitude but when you mean business, don't mix your messages.

How to annoy a control freak

But control freaks can make life miserable. We all have a need for control to make us feel secure, but control freaks take this need and turn it into a greed. So trying to out-argue them can be nigh on impossible. People who can laugh at themselves tend to see the bigger picture and therefore don't always try to inflict their limited viewpoint as the only possible viewpoint. Do not think negative - Even though control freaks are very much into making lives right. Or have you ever been with somebody who would do all that it takes to work things his way? Well, perhaps they are really good to us in some ways. As said, Ignorance is Bliss, wil work the best for control freaks. If someone was wonderful to you most of the time but once a month stole money from you, then that's what you have to deal with — regardless of all the other times they are nice and decent. Be it a shampoo, your girlfriend matter or even food. Control freaks have a need for high status and may often show a lack of humour, especially where they themselves are concerned. A control freak may not be a bad person. Understanding the needs and ego of these control freaks and reacting likewise is the key to control these people. This woman's over-the-top reaction to his bossiness gave him a chance to observe his own actions objectively. So you could tell yourself: Actually, I didn't take it personally. How I can help you personally If you'd like some extra help around How to Deal with the Control Freak my company Uncommon Knowledge provides a huge library of hypnosis sessions through Hypnosis Downloads. For all the people who cannot control the control freak partners, you can definitely try these tips. If you are happy with being controlled or really do feel it's a small price to pay for having this person in your life, then discount all of the above. Give one reason and stick to it until they run out of steam. Walk Away - If these control freaks ruling and devastating your life do not stand still and suffer it all. This has resulted in letting the control freaks know that you arnt letting them interfere. They like to advice on every small thing possible. She wouldn't credit people with intelligence or any initiative, and morale sank quicker than the Titanic after its fateful meeting with a certain obstructive iceberg. Everybodun smiles and laugh at good sense of humor and also is pne of the best deals to control freaks.

How to annoy a control freak

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  1. I have helped create all the sessions there and have listed related downloads below. So, if you ever want to get things done by a control freak, make them feel they are right and talk in a request tone.

  2. They are world authorities in being "right". Along with these tips you can also try not listening to the control it all ones.

  3. They could argue that the shoes weren't fashionable or even value for money, but they couldn't disagree that you liked them the best.

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