Heart wrenching songs

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And being in love with someone who doesn't love you back sucks pretty hard too. We don't know why we're crying, we just are. Cyndi Lauper - Time after Time Did you know? Or maybe it's the genuine ache in Steven Tyler 's voice as he sings lines like "Please say you'll stick around. The loneliness that I was feeling triggered memories of my time with Ione and how I'd had this beautiful angel of a girl who was willing to give me all of her love, and instead of embracing that, I was downtown with fucking gangsters shooting speedballs under a bridge. There's caution in his voice as he relates a message back home: This undeniably sad song takes a few liberties with the facts, but the heartbreaking conclusion is the same. But paired to the song's mournful tone, they paint a pretty bleak picture of whatever wasteland Hendrix is singing about. A woman broke Scott's heart -- or rather, he broke hers by doing something stupid, she dumped him and now he's on the road, sitting in a hotel room, drinking to forget and doing his damndest to hold back the tears.

Heart wrenching songs

We don't know why we're crying, we just are. He's not very clear what he's singing about here, but it gets mighty heavy at times: But the cut was actually written in tribute to Robert Plant 's five-year-old son, who died of a stomach infection while Zeppelin were on tour. The crawling melody and Lynne's slow, deliberate vocal add to the sadness. Wayne Cochran was inspired to write this song after having lived near a dangerous highway where several accidents had occurred yearly. I just wanted to reflect what it feels like. Our Lady Peace revealed that the song was written about Mina Kim, a young girl with a cancerous brain tumor. After Georgie comes out to his parents, he's disowned "How can my son not be straight after all I've said and done for him? This undeniably sad song takes a few liberties with the facts, but the heartbreaking conclusion is the same. The "thief" in the song is in reference to the tumor. But when Mick Jagger steps in with one of his most impassioned vocals, for once it sounds like something's cut through his heart of stone. With such a delicate experience on his hands, he admitted that the choruses he came up with sounded too literal. There have been many interpretations for this song, but Nalick makes it easy for the listener to fill in their own tragedy. Here are our 50 favorite of the saddest songs: Less than a year after this sad song was released on Young's album 'Harvest,' Whitten was dead of an overdose. When I was in high school, me and my girlfriend had to get an abortion, and it was a very sad thing. And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I don't want to understand this horror There's a weight in your eyes I can't admit Everybody ends up here in bottles But the name tag's the last thing you wanted 49 Chris Isaak - Wicked Game Did you know? Tammy Wynette articulates the internal struggle of so many divorcees-to-be with children, the strain and ache in her warble serving as a vehicle for her overwhelming remorse. According to Thom Yorke , Creep tells the tale of an inebriated man who follows the woman he is attracted to, trying to get her attention. Cyndi Lauper - Time after Time Did you know? Lauper has indicated that much of the lyrics were written about occurrences in the studio and her life at the time. The daughter here packs up and leaves in the middle of the night, leaving her distraught parents to pick up the pieces: So grab a box of tissues and check out our list of 25 Saddest Songs Ever. If that isn't enough to bring you down, there's the plaintive melody and ache in Stevens' voice.

Heart wrenching songs

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  1. If the band loses some of its identity in the record, the heartbreak at the center of it glows bright.

  2. Being in love sucks. The line, "the second hand unwinds," refers to producer Rick Chertoff's watch, which was winding backwards.

  3. Knowing that he was being comfortable and death would eventually strike made him take stock of how important everyone around him truly is. But paired to the song's mournful tone, they paint a pretty bleak picture of whatever wasteland Hendrix is singing about.

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