Glare meaning in telugu

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Adjusting the type of lights used, so that the light waves emitted are those that are less likely to cause severe light pollution problems. July A flat-lens cobra luminaire, which is a full-cutoff fixture, is very effective in reducing light pollution. The bus driver glared at us for shouting. These simulations optimized the height and spacing of the lights while constraining the overall design to meet the IESNA requirements, and then compared total uplight and energy consumption of different luminaire designs and powers. How many of us, it asks, foresee that electricity may extirpate the songbird?

Glare meaning in telugu

This is one factor that has caused newer telescopes to be built in increasingly remote areas. Some astronomers use narrow-band " nebula filters ", which only allow specific wavelengths of light commonly seen in nebulae , or broad-band "light pollution filters", which are designed to reduce but not eliminate the effects of light pollution by filtering out spectral lines commonly emitted by sodium - and mercury-vapor lamps , thus enhancing contrast and improving the view of dim objects such as galaxies and nebulae. It ensures that light is only directed below the horizontal, which means less light is wasted through directing it outwards and upwards. Reduction[ edit ] This kind of LED droplight could reduce unnecessary light pollution in building interiors Reducing light pollution implies many things, such as reducing sky glow, reducing glare, reducing light trespass, and reducing clutter. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Estimates by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service of the number of birds killed after being attracted to tall towers range from 4 to 5 million per year to an order of magnitude higher. Utilizing light sources of minimum intensity necessary to accomplish the light's purpose. The method for best reducing light pollution, therefore, depends on exactly what the problem is in any given instance. Therefore, the overall performance of existing systems could be improved more by reducing the number of luminaires than by switching to full cutoff designs. A simple method for estimating the darkness of a location is to look for the Milky Way , which from truly dark skies appears bright enough to cast a shadow. Campaigners also commonly argue that full cutoff fixtures are more efficient than other fixtures, since light that would otherwise have escaped into the atmosphere may instead be directed towards the ground. Studies carried out by Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij b. The summer sun glared down on us. A common criticism of full cutoff lighting fixtures is that they are sometimes not as aesthetically pleasing to look at. Similar disorientation has also been noted for bird species migrating close to offshore production and drilling facilities. A study [64] also suggests deleterious impacts on animals and ecosystems because of perturbation of polarized light or artificial polarization of light even during the day, because direction of natural polarization of sun light and its reflection is a source of information for a lot of animals. Light pollution affects the visibility of diffuse sky objects like nebulae and galaxies more than stars, due to their low surface brightness. This direct form of light pollution causes a glow across the field of view , which reduces contrast. LPR filters reduce the brightness of the object under study and this limits the use of higher magnifications. The use of full cutoff lighting fixtures, as much as possible, is advocated by most campaigners for the reduction of light pollution. This can lead to species decline of plants that are unable to reproduce, and change an area's longterm ecology. Full cutoff typically reduces the visibility of the lamp and reflector within a luminaire, so the effects of glare are also reduced. Turning lights off using a timer or occupancy sensor or manually when not needed. Adjectives can be made comparative and superlative tall, taller, tallest and can be qualified or intensified. The sun glared down on us.

Glare meaning in telugu

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  1. Some types of light sources are listed in order of energy efficiency in the table below figures are approximate maintained values , and include relative visual skyglow impacts.

  2. The use of full cutoff lighting fixtures, as much as possible, is advocated by most campaigners for the reduction of light pollution.

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