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This game contains examples of: There's a pretty solid argument to be made that the game was at least approached in this fashion by the developers; the Old Man who is actually the Light Crystal, at least, seems really pretty flippant about the whole "the world is doomed" issue. In the next plane, Phoebe is asks you for help in freeing her grandfather from the ice. She's essentially in a dead heat with the hero for "strongest magic user in the game"; Ben can eventually pick up a greater variety of spells, but her magic stat ends up in the nineties when everyone else, Ben included, caps out around or less. As well, the Life spell for Benjamin cannot be found until the end of Lava Dome read — final dungeon in the 3rd of 4 regions , so for a good chunk of the game he's unable to revive his ally if they die, and the spell is fairly easy to miss given how large and confusing the dungeon is. Unlike the other characters, Reuben doesn't leave your party after beating the Lava Dome and saving Fireburg, but when you get to the rope bridge and get jumped by a single Mummy, he rather oddly engages it in a duel and gets knocked off the bridge, making him unavailable for the entire Windia area. The queen of this is Phoebe, given how strong she has to be for the final Aquaria dungeon.


The Final Boss Dark King: Though the final form is only part Spider; the rest is an octopus-tentacled abomination. The Ice Golem and the Stone Golem. Benjamin has the most understandable reaction to weird events in video game history: Reuben, the standard bulky warrior. Ben complains about it when it happens, and then never mentions it again. And yet, there's nothing to do in any of them besides find a few restoratives. Foresta, Aquaria, Fireburg, and Windia. The former is especially strange since Iflyte's Japanese name is Cyclops. Not that it really affects anything, as Holy is non-elemental in this particular installment. The Japanese manual names him Zash. Literally everyone that joins your party: Averted with Ben's bombs, Tristam's shuriken and Phoebe's arrows, which have a max capacity of If you were ambushed, then it turns into a normal fight. Amusingly, Benjamin is renamed "DemoPlay" in it. Tristam is infamous for his short appearances one dungeon early on and then half a dungeon later. Not entirely used straight; what enemies are weak to what element tends to throw players off when they expect standard FF elemental rules to apply. Reuben is pretty much a vanilla Fighter type - tough, big weapon, heavy armor and not much else, though he's strangely given access to Holy in his second joining. Tristam is basically a ranged Ninja who uses light armor and throwing stars. It finally got some acknowledgement in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: The game allows you to redo any fight you lose right then and there. In Fireburg, you partner with Reuben and find his lost dad trapped in a volcano. Skeleton warriors are a tough early-game enemy. Though the game has no default name for your hero, the U. The game makes a point of telling you when an attack was more or less effective against a target. It was really more of a guess Meanwhile, though, Ben kind of does everything.


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  1. Benjamin's attempts to correct him never stick. Kaeli, a young woman who is connected to nature; Tristam, a ninja treasure hunter with his own jazzy musical theme; Phoebe, a mage who joins you to help her grandfather stop an endless winter; and Reuben, a warrior who is searching for his lost father in a volcano.

  2. Green for Kaeli, blue-purple for Phoebe, red for Reuben. Tristam, the sneaky experience ninja to counter Benjamin's rookie hero.

  3. The boss battle music. The game ends with Benjamin and Tristam sailing off on Captain Mac's ship to travel the world.

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