Genophobia symptoms

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Some people experiencing pain during sex may visit their doctor or gynecologist. She found this opportunity during her four weeks training classes arranged by her employer. CBT involves working on developing alternative ways of thinking about the phobia or situation while also learning techniques to address physical reactions to the trigger. In the course of treatment, her husband reported about Positive behavioural change in different spheres of Mrs. Once you stop taking the drug, usually all the symptoms of genophobia return in full force. According to the personal religious belief of client the consent of father is necessary for marriage while in her case her father did not allow for this marriage and did not participated in marriage ceremony so the client was gripped by the guilt conscious of committing a sin in the form illegitimate marriage. The incident of her childhood was a stimulus to her fear instinct and her unconscious level of mind assimilated that to sexual intercourse. The method of psychotherapy was based upon the technique of fear analysis. Rape victims can develop a fear of sex for physical and psychological reasons.

Genophobia symptoms

It was attempted to make her memory recall for last 10 years events, but there was too much resistance. M and her husband. There is also a chance that other phobias, such as the fear of diseases, especially STDs, may lead to a fear of sexual acts. According to the learning perspective, genophobia may develop due to an unpleasant sexual experience such as rape or molestation. It may also be caused if the individual observes sexual acts that are traumatizing in nature, in media or otherwise. Therapy for phobias typically includes psychotherapy. Shortness of breath or smothering sensation Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate Chest pain or discomfort. Complicating factors There was no extra factor occur or create problem during the assessment or treatment process it was only resistance of unconscious level of mind. M was suffering from Genophobia and Anxiety. In the seventh session she told me that on seeing blood she becomes nervous and frightened. For instance, the therapeutic technique used for a rape survivor would be completely different from that which is used for an individual with a fear of STDs. Force is not often used in child molestation. Procedure In the first two sessions semi-structured interviews were conducted with Mrs. FSIT should be used for the treatment when the patients problem led to the fear instinct , iii. For some people, even thinking about it can cause these feelings. It was made with her unconscious to grip the positive references related to that event which ultimately balanced her fear instinct. At a point during this conversational process she suddenly started crying badly that her mother had treated her very harsh once in the hospital when she was only 3 or 4 years of age. This fear reaction is triggered by the event or situation that a person fears. Child abuse or sexual abuse can cause post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and affect the way you view intimacy or sex. Phobias involve a more marked reaction than simply not liking or being afraid of something. No any specific material used in this case study. The kind of therapy in individual sessions depends largely on the underlying causes of the phobia and the specific situation. It also, indirectly, deals with the theme of incest. Genophobic people may be terrified of sexual intercourse or all acts involving sex. Anyhow this was still intangible that how her mind related fear or even terror to blood.

Genophobia symptoms

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  1. If someone attempts to grip her in her arms be it with love or affection she becomes frightened.

  2. She missed positive references which her unconscious level of mind could not relate with the fearful event she was victim once in her childhood.

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