Gary welz

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I turned 50 in , but I'm still unwilling to feel my age. Everyone seemed to be helplessly and patiently waiting for the world to end. I had to get out. I was only told to get away from where I was - they feared continuing attacks. On the light rail train I traded horror stories with other evacuees, also stunned, covered with ash and confused about where to go and what to do. It seemed unlikely that anything worse - or more spectacular - could happen.

Gary welz

Were we at war? For a moment, I felt certain that this was all a dream. Not many of them were left in the station house. Except for a coating of ash, my apartment was intact. During the past 20 years I've been a waiter, cab driver, teacher, journalist, actor, comedian, playwright, screenwriter, video producer and digital media consultant. He looked up at me and laughed. We began walking down the stairs. The scene was very subdued, like a funeral with free snacks and soft drinks. Fifty people lined up to use a pay phone. Someone shared news reports about other planes being used in the attack and what might be happening now. I felt stranded in New Jersey and wanted to get back to New York, or at least to an accessible pay phone and most urgently a television so I could see what had happened to me. I was amazed by the scale of the disaster, but not the least bit fearful. I went down to my apartment on the 8th floor to watch reruns of the plane crashes on television. The police offers were mostly quiet and glum. The blood was a strange orange color, I have no idea why. I appreciated her concern, but assured her that I was in no danger. He sounded an all clear and people began returning to the light rail train. A steady stream of people and cars was heading uptown, nothing moved downtown. I was able to turn my lights back on. We landed at Liberty State Park in New Jersey where aid workers politely offered us water and towels. I'm the oldest of five and I have two brothers and two sisters. Soot and smoke poured in my windows. He ushered us inside and down to the locker room in the basement. When we opened the door onto Washington Street thick black smoke was blowing past us. A few minutes later an officer came down to tell us that the North Tower had also collapsed.

Gary welz

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