G4 episodes

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Grooter attacks Dave out of desperation, and Dave gives in to The Ultimate. It turns out that in the end, The Ultimate actually intends to inhabit Dave's body and wreak havoc with Dave's power. Just as his gas chamber begins to fill, Dave is teleported away, rescued by VAL and various others. No one's gonna pay the kind of money we need for a ventriloquist act. Most were interested only because of the club's acronym, though some expressed an interest in the affairs of unicorns. It is soon discovered that Bloody Dove, one of the show's more beloved and temperamental characters who had been recently murdered, was actually The Ultimate. Two monsters, Nancy and Murray, accepted this quest.

G4 episodes

For one episode, Dave is confined to eternal slavery in the "Lavatory of Filth", where he is forced to scrub an ever-soiled toilet. He is introduced as the "host cybernaut" of The Hub, a somewhat rusty complex through which all worlds - virtual and real - are linked. Rick, Dave's body-swapping hippy spiritual advisor, and Grooter team up to find and free Dave's spirit, while The Ultimate - now inhabiting Dave's body - is repeatedly dunked into the eternally filthy toilet for his treachery. Apex, an even more mysterious character, is a force that had hencetoforth been heard of only in the upper echelons of evil. While they murder and ravage the countryside in search of the necessary artifacts, detective Moe Tuesday follows clues to their location and is ultimately attacked, hospitalized, and dies. The Drifter, Portal's resident hero, has been tracking down The Ultimate's most powerful agent, Darwin. No one's gonna pay the kind of money we need for a ventriloquist act. The final episode of Portal was quickly shot, and Dave was given little notice that his show was being cancelled. By videotaping Dave's actions, he had created a video that made it look as if Dave actually intended to destroy Christmas. Afterwards, he finds that the electric chair has been done away with in that jurisdiction. Episodes of VBS a supposed virtual broadcasting system for television in online worlds were shown on two occasions, demonstrating such "original programming" as Meinfeld, Harborwatch, Trapper Extremioso, and The Trek. He suddenly is reminded of who he is and what his mission is. Shorty's most distinguishing characteristic was his ability to survive everyday life uttering only the phrase, "You Have My Axe. Just as his gas chamber begins to fill, Dave is teleported away, rescued by VAL and various others. With his clown-servant Truggy, he uses his frightening powers of mind control to systematically destroy the Portal team. Grooter attacks Dave out of desperation, and Dave gives in to The Ultimate. The exposure to Snuggy only serves to drive The Ultimate into complete madness, changing his focus from interdimensional domination to destruction of the known Universes. Instead, Dave is focused against Bob Klaws, a radical environmentalist who seeks to destroy Christmas because of its wastefulness. Season one Edit Dave, the host of the show, never completely introduces us to the purpose of the show. A new force arrives later, though, one more deadly than the Ultimate ever could be. The Ultimate then proceeds to possess Zaitrion, a shapeshifting robot The Drifter has been attempting to locate and destroy as all this is going on. With Apex in a serious coma and the Ultimate again free, the stage is set for a cycle to return. VAL, Dave, the Drifter, and others make a last ditch effort to destroy The Ultimate, who is lamenting on his life before he teleports off to the Hub's broken remains. Rick is able to coax The Ultimate out of this torture by leaving Dave's body, trapping him instead in the body of a Myconid, Rick's former vessel. The Ultimate is not seen for many episodes after this. The Ultimate is not known as anything but a nebulous force of evil for most of the show. However due to reported computer problems, the project was delayed, and nothing has been mentioned since.

G4 episodes

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