Funny wedding games

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Stand Up, Sit Down: Use wine bottles for a fun wedding twist! Many couples are now replacing this tradition by tossing a breakaway bouquet—one that allows everyone to catch a flower, by holding a flower ceremony, or by simply having a girls-only dance off with the bride. During one particular song, get all the kids and adults up on the dance floor to show their craziest moves, only to freeze when the DJ abruptly stops the music. The group supplies random nouns, adjectives and verbs for a mystery story. If your guests are a competitive bunch, include a scorecard to keep track during the game. When the song plays, the whole table must rush to the dance floor to get things moving! Call everyone—adults included—to the dance floor to take a whack at spreading sweet treats to the crowd. Pair it up with a favors box filled with crayons, colored pencils and stickers to help them personalize their takeaway activity book.

Funny wedding games

Spin the Wheel Get the whole room involved with a wedding wheel with instructions like "the bride and groom kiss" or "give a speech! Marriage Advice Cards Include a collection of cards at the dinner table that encourage guests to share their own marriage advice for the newlyweds. Include a collection of crayons, colored pencils, and a small notebook at each place setting so kids can document their findings. Also known as paper fortunes, these origami fortune tellers get a cool new look from the old junior high notebook paper version. For a special touch, arrange a wine bottle for each upcoming anniversary and ask guests to enter cards for each landmark year. Use wine bottles for a fun wedding twist! Include a prize for those who complete their list the fastest. Pictures can include the wedding cake, a ring, shoes, a dress, balloons and food. Go big or go home with a small-scale Ferris wheel. Create bingo boards for each dinner plate and let your guests play along with you. Whacking a wedding-cake-themed pinata filled with lots of delicious candy! The Shoe Game Place the bride and groom back to back on the dance floor for a classic game of trivia about their new spouse. Get them on their feet with a trivia game that instructs people to stand or sit in response to questions about the bride and groom. Lego Creations Put Legos at each table and challenge your guests to build creative centerpieces. Include a place for guests to both write and place their advice cards, and later turn these into a unique guest book. These fun activities will be the highlight of the reception. Let the guests decide! As each team plays, one block is precariously removed from the stack and added to the top of the tower. Guests can either play the game as they write, or build the tower up from the bottom. Two teams race to hit their balls through the wicket course the fastest. Many photographers will print out the images into a scrapbook for immediate viewing. Freeze Dance Get hesitant dancers on the floor with this throwback. Break out a giant DIY die basically a large decorated square box to decide the pucker up type. The first person or couple to complete the questionnaire successfully wins a dessert or a prize. Be sure to include bags or small to-go boxes for all the kids to gather their treasure. Everyone has to mingle to complete their questionnaire faster than their peers. Write a different prize or instruction on each part of the wheel.

Funny wedding games

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  1. Break out a giant DIY die basically a large decorated square box to decide the pucker up type.

  2. See if the parents can beat the scores of their newlywed children! Include plenty of art supplies for decorating.

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