Fun romantic movies to watch

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He figures out a way to transport himself back in time to meet her, where the attraction is mutual. When she falls in love and plans to marry a non-greek, she struggles to get her family to accept him. Tiana discussed an affair she had with a younger man that ultimately ruined her marriage. Her well meaning father tries to set her up with a man to marry, but instead she falls for a handsome man who saved her life. And I totally agree with the main message of this movie: Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The English Patient This Academy Award winning movie set in the World War II Era is about a nurse who cares for a mysterious stranger who has been severely wounded and the story that ensues as they learn about his dangerous past. A Walk to Remember This romantic movie is about two young people brought together, based on a popular novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Fun romantic movies to watch

She starts receiving messages and signs from him. After one hit too many, Debbie made a powerful move and left. I agree to an extent, but I just wanted it to be about commitment, not feelings. They meet and fall in love in Paris and soon get married. Starring Tom Hanks, this is a great classic movie. He meets Phoenix and despite the grim outlook the two find love in this bring your hankie romantic movie. We have to push through because we had the real thing. Groundhog Day A news reporter is sent to cover Groundhog Day, only to find that he keeps being forced to relive the same day over and over again! But with her father disapproving the relationship, do they have a chance at staying together? Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise stars as a sports agent when he meets a single mom and falls in love with her, but then they wonder if they got married for the wrong reasons. Across the Universe Love and war take precendence in this psychedelic movie set during the Vietnam war. Can a poor girl from Wisconsin and a royal Prince make it together? But could they be falling in love for real? Eager to do the same, he goes through with the same procedure. Armageddon This is more of action film as an oil drilling crew is hired to blow up a giant asteroid before it crashes into the earth. But as their relationship continues, she decides she needs her independence, so travels back to Los Angeles and falls in love with another man. Just Like Heaven In this supernatural romantic comedy, a doctor is killed in a tragic car accident. Love Story This romantic love movie is a classic on any romantic movie list. Hepburn plays a spinster missionary on the run from Germans. But in his travels he meets and marries his wife, who has to live with never knowing when her husband will be there. She revealed all of the details except the identity of the man. Can he win her back? One Fine Day Michelle Pfeifer and George Clooney star in this romantic comedy about two single parents brought together by the friendship of their children and a day spent full of mishaps and fighting when they agree to share a day of babysitting. I think I analyze time travel movies too much. See what we mean.

Fun romantic movies to watch

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  1. A very romantic ending, and an interesting look at social justice issues from the early days of the industrial revolution. Will her high school horrors come back to haunt her?

  2. Lonely Heart A beautiful, intelligent but overzealous young businesswoman who runs her company and her love life like a drill sergeant.

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