Feminise your boyfriend

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To this end there are certain other areas that maintain this status. Men now often take their fair share of the burden that used to fall on the woman in the home. They were the same as the knickers but without the hassle. Even so, the sexual electricity from my proposed changes is part of the reason for making the alterations I advocate. There is at times, some resistance to my wishes to extend 'her' feminisation outside the bedroom.

Feminise your boyfriend

I'd never force anything on Alice 'she' really didn't want. Think about why society has ascribed certain items of clothing and colours to certain genders. Whatever I might say about our artificial social rules, I don't think many are ready for this change yet. Lady A used the same tactic about how un-sexy it was to wear tee-shirts to bed. A facsimile of a woman's pubic hair shape as another symbol of femininity. She enjoyed asking him what styles he liked. It was still associated with sex so another stage was planned. AlexisLori I agree with SaphiraSilverWings - "A person's gender is an incredibly large part of their identity and their lifestyle. And she did as he looked on a little shocked When they got home she insisted he try them on. I deliberately used the term housewife to describe the new male partner's role as you will see later. He was embarrassed but she asked so nicely,. As I touched on before, 'she' like many males, felt pressured by society's expectations of how to act according to society's requirements of a man. My decisions extend to his clothing. Men relate well to logic and when feminising your man you need to use logic. Albeit in different ways. Many men today, such as my own husband, were not too bad in the hygiene area but never as good as a proper woman. Gradually 'she' has became used to it. Be selfish, think about what what you really want. Secondly, returning to the sexual theme, I find a male body in revealing feminine clothing exciting from a visual aspect. Now, give Her explicit consent to further your Full Feminization. On my next post I'll go into some more detail but for now, good luck ladies and let's transform our relationships for the better today. Then she suggested they have a cup of tea in bed. In my new world, the man becomes the housewife and the woman the provider and the head of the home. The trap was set again. Lady A did this regularly and let him know just how sexy it was.

Feminise your boyfriend

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  1. Who decided that the biological male of our species has to act in a so-called masculine way? Men relate well to logic and when feminising your man you need to use logic.

  2. On my next post I'll go into some more detail but for now, good luck ladies and let's transform our relationships for the better today. I say importantly as the intense excitement he will feel through cross-dressing and being feminised generally gives the wife a powerful tool for manipulation.

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