Estherville iowa movie theater

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React to this story: Perhaps part of that answer lies in the fact that the same couples who may have courted at outdoor theaters are now approaching retirement age. The red overstuffed seats and stadium seating are the most visible pieces of that strategy. That number began to decline in the s. And, as empty nesters with the kids' college tuition and home mortgage paid, they have the expendable income for nostalgic entertainment. In , the theater was taken over by Fridley Theatres Circuit along with the downtown Grand Theatre.

Estherville iowa movie theater

Legg and Robert L. After some research, Kemp found he needed to be within 35 miles of a total population base of 40, people. The renovation includes improved acoustics, plush reclining seats and, of course, digital projectors. The space drive-in was owned by three partners in Stan Richey, Lester Larsen and Merlyn Clark of Wallingford had a centralized speaker system. This spring, Awsumb read an article about a company that converted theaters to digital all over the world, he said. Kemp readily acknowledges that baby boomers are a big part of his target market. Kemp even managed to salvage the old Chief marquee sign. And the concession stand built on Highway 9 was open generally 5p-1a for anyone whether they went to the film. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann Above is the projection window from where films will be shown on the screen. Most outdoor theaters that remain are in the Sunbelt states and California. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann "This is something I'm doing on my own," said Kemp, who has had a dream of seeing an outdoor theater again. Veteran exhibitors Charles W. He plans on running family oriented films so parents can bring also their children and babies without having to worry about bothering the person in the next seat. Kemp chose the site at Highways 9 and 71 because of the traffic. He said every bulb still worked. Perhaps part of that answer lies in the fact that the same couples who may have courted at outdoor theaters are now approaching retirement age. The first drive-in theater opened June 6, , in Camden, N. A blockbuster may spend more time in a first-run theater, an independent film less. Movies enter their second theatrical run a number of weeks after their debut, he said, though the amount of time varies. At 90 feet in width, it's one of the largest in the U. Kemp observes that the screen is in remarkably good shape for being up 25 years. Locals inform that the original concession stand still can be found on Highway 9. The plan is to open Oct. Thirty years later, the abandoned screen was dismantled and taken to the Superior 71 Drive-in in Spirit Lake, Iowa. They used an indoor type of theater screen but still supported by telephone poles. Kemp moved the screen from the site of the former Chief Drive-in Theater on the west edge of Estherville. And the highway intersection fell right in the middle.

Estherville iowa movie theater

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  1. They used an indoor type of theater screen but still supported by telephone poles. In addition, Kemp will offer a full array of concessions, including popcorn, pop, hotdogs, corn dogs, pizza, nachos, fries, candy, ice cream and chicken strips.

  2. So if that's the case, why is Kemp opening a new drive-in theater? At one time, there were 4, drive-in theaters in the United States.

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