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I'd like to draw this to your attention and provide you with information to help verify if indeed you've had a security breach. That's useful, he then continues: The woman I mentioned earlier also responded, fortunately without any signs of me having offended her but echoing the previous response in terms of being unsure where the data would have come from: Also, I had an account on Xbiz a long time ago that almost certainly had that combination. That looks to be webmaster affiliate program table Frankly, by now I'm starting to find myself at a bit of a loose end so I send him a link to this blog post in draft too. Except they didn't respond.


The responses from subscribers start coming in: That's useful, he then continues: But then went on to say that he doesn't know what it would have been associated with. By virtue of sharing as much information as I have here yet obviously protecting the identities of those involved , I'm hoping that someone pops up and properly identifies the source of this. There's quite a bit of data in there about him and in fact it turns out he lives not too far from me. One of the early responses is from a female which is pretty unusual as far as adult websites go. You cannot search for an email address via the public interface and get a hit on Eroticy, instead you need to use the free notification service which will send a verification email to the address and ensure the information is only visible to the owner of the address. Interestingly, I've just finished reading Brian Kreb's Spam Nation and the whole premise of chargebacks is one the underground pharma industry had big issues with too. But when I pushed him on whether he recalled the name "Eroticy", he had no recollection of it although he did say that the "page design looks familiar". No, I'm not confident the data is from them but it's got their name on it and they're represented as having been hacked on other breach info websites so they've got a vested interest in investigating it. Where you end up with multiple card processes is when the VISA rules start fining for chargeback ratios and processors start scrubbing cards aggressively. I figure I can always send her a screen cap of her record later on to clear myself if need be but admittedly, I did worry about how she'd react. All that info is correct. Except they didn't respond. I took a similar approach with Regpack a few months ago. Short of investing copious amounts of further time trawling through the data, there's one more avenue available here and it's a last resort, but it's worked in the past. Epoch was THE processor. That is a long time ago. If you've got ideas on the source, please leave your comments below and I'll add any noteworthy updates to the bottom of the post if and when they occur. Some of the dating sites I was researching honestly: I was paid to do it! This is all very interesting in terms of the mechanics of how these sites work, but it's not getting me any closer to the source. Your record says it was created on [redacted], however the data may be a decade older 2. Nothing in the inbox, nothing in the junk mail, nothing at all. Maybe it'll be someone who worked on the system, ran an affiliate or even the person who originally bundled it all together and called it the Eroticy data breach.


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