Do box tops for education expire

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The expiration date and alphanumeric code must be visible when clipped. Checks are mailed first class twice per year at the end of December and end of April. To find out more about what a Coordinator does, visit the About Coordinators page. In such cases, the code must be redeemed online to be credited to your school. If the designated school is determined to be inactive or ineligible in the program, any Box Tops, or Bonus Box Tops, submitted or earned on behalf of that school will be deemed invalid. Please note that checks are mailed to the school and issued to the School Administrator. If you are interested in becoming a Coordinator, talk to your school administrator first. What do I do if my school doesn't appear when I searched for it?

Do box tops for education expire

An exception to these stated postmark deadlines will occur any time November 1 or March 1 falls on a weekend. Schools are issued checks twice each year, in December and April. If you are the School Coordinator, please visit the Submitting Box Tops page for step by step directions. Submitted Ideas, Suggestions and Information All comments, suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, recipes or other information disclosed or offered to General Mills through the Box Tops for Education program shall be deemed and shall remain the property of General Mills. Credits earned or awarded through your participation in various promotional offers, opportunities or programs such as the Box Tops for Education Bonus App, online sweepstakes, website or email registration, receipt scanning or making applicable purchases in participating retailer shopping card loyalty programs. How do I find my school ID? In any event, any suggestion, comment or idea is not submitted in confidence and General Mills assumes no obligation express or implied by considering it. The Box Tops for Education program is also open to Internal Revenue Service recognized c 3 home school associations in the United States, organized and operated primarily for educational purposes and containing a class of 15 or more students in one or more grades from kindergarten through eighth grade. However, individual eBoxTops programs may have independent consumer earning limits based on transactions or activities. Where can I get more information on becoming a Coordinator? Box Tops should be submitted in bundles of 50 Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops certificates must be kept in separate bundles. Before presenting coupons at your local grocery store, please check with the store's manager or customer service desk. If this is your first time printing online coupons, please read our coupon FAQs. Redemptions and Program Deadline To redeem qualifying Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates for cash for a designated school, a school coordinator must complete an official Box Tops Submission Form online for each separate shipment, print out the form and include it with the shipment of qualifying Box Tops. If you believe your school participates in the program, please try searching by the school's zip code. Log back in to BTFE. Make sure you are logged in, then go to My Account and click on the Coordinator Information button. Please check with your school Administrator to see if they have received the check. Please allow one month for the processed submission and earnings to show on the site. Active status in the Box Tops for Education program, and entitlement to any earnings, is conditioned upon the school cashing all earnings checks within 18 months of issuance. Can I submit a damaged Box Tops Clip? By way of example, if Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops are clipped from packaging material that is not part of the final sale of all components of the underlying product to the end purchaser of the product, submission of these Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops is not permitted. If your school has more than one Coordinator, please decide which item to collect for first and make a Collection Drive just for that one item. Each payment will include amounts earned by schools from the Clip program and from any form of Bonus Box Tops. However, General Mills reserves the right at its discretion to remove a school coordinator from the program at any time if it determines that the school coordinator is a detriment to the Box Tops for Education program. If your school is not currently enrolled in Box Tops for Education, ask your school administrator to enroll in the program by calling

Do box tops for education expire

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  1. You understand and acknowledge that General Mills has both internal resources and other external resources which may have developed or may in the future develop ideas identical to or similar to the suggestion or comments and that General Mills is only willing to consider the suggestion on these terms. Will my grocery store accept these coupons?

  2. You must be enrolled online as a Box Tops for Education member and supporting a designated eligible school to be able to earn Bonus Box Tops this way.

  3. Please have your School Administrator call our customer service, UPC symbols are not a substitute for valid Box Tops and may not be submitted.

  4. If you are still having difficulty, please restart your computer and try another browser such as FireFox, Chrome or IE

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