Divorcing a bipolar spouse

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We ran off to another state and were married on a beach. Everyone else tells me that with her baggage, no matter what the reason, I am better off It continued though, she adopted his likes, his interests, his beliefs - he was athiest and she decided to be athiest, and I could go on. It has just been a nightmare. The family in this case had three children as well and none developed any type of mental illness.

Divorcing a bipolar spouse

Our online divorce solution could save you thousands. I do have a belief in God, and I do have my dog with me. I trusted and accepted that. I wish you the best of luck and please, if you have any more questions, feel free to write again and I will try to help you the best that I can. Had the family been informed by the mental health system about what schizophrenia is and how, as a family, to best help her, it may not have taken this long. I love my wife and I am heartbroken. My wife did not take a referral so my gut says the real reason is that the pdoc told her to resolve the situation that my wife needed to sever ties with this other man. She refuses to take her medication or receive any medical treatment, since her diagnoses. The family in this case had three children as well and none developed any type of mental illness. She and her family have experienced the very same problems and it has been a difficult road for everyone involved. I do believe my wife's mental health issues contribute to a fantasy situation with this older man and it is in her head and she has a fantasy emotional affair with him that is fed by the passion hobby between them where they "fullfill each other's dreams" My dog is a comfort dog and she allows me to do things I otherwise would not be able. I've stopped looking but her Facebook post move from being the happiest ever to missing old life things to being happiest ever. NAMI is an organization dedicated to helping the caregiver s of a mentally ill loved one. The lack of awareness is a biologically based deficit known as agnosognosia. They say look at her pattern, it's been the same before even in the same seasons. Where does life go from here. The jist of my post is that my wife came home one day and said she decided on a new life path that doesn't include me or any responsibility. He especially wanted to leave after spending years of having to involuntary commit his wife to hospitals against her will because of her refusal to take medication. After getting out on her own at 18, she entered an extreme religious faith and dedicated her life meaning to it. Albeit extremely frustrating, their denial is not a deliberate act. But not all of that is often discussed. The reasons for the divorce I disagree with and do not see myself as the person she told me I am. In these cases, they refuse treatment and will even generate alternative reasons to explain away their condition. In hindsight, she seems like a good liar and manipulator as well but I'm really unsure how much of what she ever told me is true or true only to her since it was part of an episode.

Divorcing a bipolar spouse

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  1. I trusted and accepted that. Bipolar Divorce and never marrying again Once you can accept, twice, that is incredibly hard to accept.

  2. I have talked to her on the phone twice and it has been friendly but no speaking of marriage. The doctors considered her a lost cause, so ill that really no one could help her.

  3. The hobby was fine, but the obsession with the man was not. Her feelings and emotions for me and our marriage are not enough to care that much.

  4. I love her dearly and have always done my best to help and support her. I am sorry I cannot offer any specific recommendations for dealing with the Canadian system other than to keep trying to get her help.

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