Deactivate my apple account

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The first thing to do in this situation is to set up two-factor authentication to help secure your account. How to delete your account using Apple's data and privacy portal Visit Apple's Data and Privacy portal at privacy. Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Tap the Edit entry alongside the Payment Information link, and input the details. Open iTunes on the Mac. Tap your account name at the top.

Deactivate my apple account

If you have fallen out of love with Apple Escaping the iCloud: Choose a contact method that will be used to get account status updates. This won't work on the device you're currently using. This code can also be used to cancel the account deletion process. You might also want to save important Apple-related documents such as content purchase receipts. Remove your Address and card details. For more details on this process, see How to change Apple ID payment information. Once you've removed your Apple ID from all your devices you can change your name, address and other personal details. The code helps Apple Support verify your identity when you get in touch with them. How to reset or delete your Apple ID In light of ongoing privacy concerns, many people are starting to rethink having so many different accounts. If in-app subscriptions, or newspaper and magazine subscriptions are linked to your Apple ID, consider them gone. Log on to the My Apple ID website. However, note that Apple sometimes locks accounts for 24 hours if too many unsuccessful password attempts are made, and the only option is to wait. Yes, but in a restricted manner. Tap the Payment Information entry in the list, and input the details. Click on Get support now. This part is easier to do on a Mac or iPad, so you have a larger display to view your backup. If you no longer use an email address of this type, be sure to add your valid email address as an additional email address. Don't Delete, Secure Your Apple ID Instead Maybe you're worried that your password isn't secret any longer, and want to shut down your current Apple ID account to prevent a security breach or data theft. If you've forgotten what your Apple ID username is, there are a few ways to find out. If you run into any problems along the way, be sure to gimme a shout in the comments or over on Twitter. Apple has decided to make the portal available across the world and keep the deletion experience consistent. If you've got it set up, tap Family Sharing just above the listed devices , tap each member of your family and then tap Remove [Name]. At this point, Apple gives you a unique access code, which comes in handy if you want to cancel the deletion request. If the customer service operator says they can't do that for you, ask to speak to their supervisor and make your request again. If you skip this step, you might have trouble using them in future. You can't actually delete your Apple ID, as this Apple discussion post explains in detail.

Deactivate my apple account

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  1. This will not create another Apple ID, it will only change the associated email address. Now click the Get started link under Delete your account to proceed.

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